Airline Review – With Singapore Airlines to NYC

On my way to New York I’ve flown with Singapore Airlines for the first time. I’ve only heard good things about them before booking my flight so I decided to give them a try :) I enjoy flying with different Airlines. It’s always nice to try out something new. Our airplane was the A380, which I adore anyways <3 After entering the airplane you were brought...

Low Carb Apple Pie

Fall is the time when it's cozy staying inside, and baking or cooking for your loved ones and yourself. Apples are also at its best in fall. That's why I will post some delicous healthy apple recipes on here :) I first wanna introduce my Low Carb Apple Pie to you guys. You only need a few ingredients. Men love this cake too :D It's the...

My Maldives Travel Tips

One year ago I’ve visited the Maldives for the first time. I immediately fell in love with these gorgeous group of islands. I’m so excited that we will be back there in November. I’ve never seen such stunning turquoise water in my whole life like in the Maldives. Many people believed I used photoshop after seeing this picture :P Of course I didn’t...

Protein Milchschnitte

My „Protein Milchschnitte“ (Protein Milk Slice) recipe is my personal favorite recipe. You don’t need many ingredients or much time to prepare this delicious snack. They are even low carb high protein, so they are especially loved by all Fitness Freaks :D Be careful: Not all protein powders work for baking! Ingredients | Dough 120g protein powder (can be substituted by flour) – I used this one 2 eggs 1...

Abs Home Workout

On YouTube you can already find a Home Workout Video of mine with many cool exercises: All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC]. Now I’m going to explain all of the exercises to you in more detail. If you do these workouts regularly (best at least 5 times a week), you will see results shortly....

My Secret Tips for Oktoberfest

Living in Munich visiting the Oktoberfest is a must. For me it’s also a great possibility to see my friends again; especially those that don’t live in Munich. My favorite tent is the „Schützenfestzelt“. The crowd there is young (not too young) and I always meet people I know just by chance there. My Secret Tips for Oktoberfest: 1. Wear a Dirndl or Lederhosen | Blue Dirndl: Lodenfrey | Only...

DIY Floral Nikes

Do you want to have these beautiful, unique Nikes? Then try making them yourself with this tutorial. Things you will need | Floral Nikes 1 pair of Nikes – I used Nike Roshe – you can find them here Some floral fabric remnants – mine are from IKEA Some textile glue A pencil A good pair of scissors A solid small brush A cutter – you can find mine here You can find my...

Raspberry Fitness Tart

My Raspberry Fitness Tart has become your favorite cake recipe. It’s low carb, low calorie and tastes totally delicious. I get excited every time I see your beautiful creations of my recipes on Instagram. Please keep tagging me so I can see them Because I write all of my recipes in two languages, you can find my recipes here entirely in English. This makes rebaking or recooking...

My Travel Tips for Sardinia

A few months ago my boyfriend had a few layovers in Sardinia, Italy so I decided to fly with him. I had absolutely zero expectations and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the stunning water there. With a flight time of less than two hours from Germany that felt really incredible! Because my boyfriend was based in Alghero, we looked for a hotel close...

My Fitness Routine

Fitness has become a very important part of my life. When I sometimes don’t have much time to workout I don’t feel great. Not because I’m afraid to gain weight, but because I miss pushing my limits. Sport makes me feel great, just like good food does. What kind of sport do you like best? In my case it’s Pilates (with machines) and Fitness at the...


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