Times Square, Naked Cowboy & Healthy Food in NYC – Travel Diary Day 1

Times Square, Naked Cowboy & Healthy Food in NYC – Travel Diary Day 1

NYC Day 1

I’m so excited being here. Some of you might know that I used to live in NYC for 1 1/2 years. I haven’t been back since many years. Hence, I’m even more excited exploring my old home town 🙂

IMG_9567 (2)

IMG_9567 (1)

We first used to subway to get to the City center. It was Xenia’s first time. I totally love using the subway because you meet so many cool and interesting people there. We also did today 😀

IMG_9569 (1) IMG_9574IMG_9571 (1) IMG_9574a (1) IMG_9575

We got off at Bryant Park in Midtown and explored Times Square. Times Square belongs to New York just as the Statue of Liberty does. Of course we also met the Naked Cowboy there 😛 A video about it will follow on my YouTube channel. I not only wanna blog in NYC for you guys, I also wanna capture some moments via video camera 🙂

IMG_9570 (2)

These three really wanted to take a pic with me 😛

IMG_9576 (1) IMG_9577 (1)

For brunch we went to a really yummy restaurant: Refinery Rooftop. I picked the Quinoa Kale Salad with the Chicken. This was the right choice. I’ve never eaten something as yummy and healthy. I love eating Kale anyways because it’s full of protein and taste.

IMG_9578 (1) IMG_9583 (1)

In the end we indulged in some drink. In my case it was only pineapple juice… ha ha. With such a view it tasted even better 🙂

IMG_9585 (1)

For dinner we went to TAO and thereafter to Avenue Night Club. Both are locations, that I can definitely recommend to you guys.

I’m wishing you a beautiful weekend 🙂



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