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I am Madeleine from Munich. I am blogging about the beautiful things in life since October 2015. I would like to provide you with travel tips, recipes, tips from the family life etc. and I am always open to your suggestions and comments. On my Instagram account, I take you with me daily in my stories and show you my everyday family life. You can edit your pictures perfectly with my own Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile Presets and let your Instagram stories shine with my own story stickers.

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Discover my presets for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile. I am looking forward to discover your edited photos on Instagram.

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COVID Travel Review – Maldives

Hi friends, after quite a long time I’m finally publishing another blog post. After I’ve received so many questions from you guys regarding our previous Maldives trip I wanna talk about it today in more…

My Greece Outfits

Hi lovelies, after quite a while I’m publishing another Fashion Blog Post as highly requested by many of you. You can find the links of all of my Greece outfits below the related picture. So…

My Travel Tips for Malta

Hi lovelies, it was about time to publish another blog post. Many of you wanted me to talk about my Top 10 Favorite Places on Malta so I didn’t only wanna do that on Instagram…

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