COVID Travel Review – Maldives

COVID Travel Review – Maldives

Hi friends,

after quite a long time I’m finally publishing another blog post. After I’ve received so many questions from you guys regarding our previous Maldives trip I wanna talk about it today in more detail. You probably know that the Maldives are one of our favorite destinations. Hence, we also had to try them out during COVID. Because in my opinion: Save traveling is even possible during COVID!

Before departure

Before departure to the Maldives we had to do a PCR test within 72 hours. Since we flew from Frankfurt to the Maldives we decided to do the test with Centogene at Frankfurt Airport. I can fully recommend them! Their staff was super friendly (even towards Mason) and the test was quite uncomplicated. They only took a sample from your throat which we liked a lot especially because Mason had to get tested as well. If you’ve registered online at you won’t need to wait there for a long time and you also receive your test results within 24h.

With your negative PCR test results you then need to register HERE and fill out an online questionnaire. Even though you need to do this for every single one from your party, filling out the form didn’t take very long. Afterwards you receive a QR code which I recommend you to print out and bring with you along with your negative PCR test results. They will probably request both upon checkin.

Enroute to the Maldives

We flew to the Maldives from Frankfurt via Doha with Qatar Airways. We were super fortunate that we got to test the new Business Class of Qatar Airways. Honestly we’ve never had such a comfortable flight! We were even able to fly in the new Qsuites from Qatar Airways.

Qsuites are basically closed suites via which you feel like flying in a private jet. Furthermore, you get to enjoy absolute privacy there which is especially convenient now during COVID!

Since we reserved two middle seats on both flights our seats converted into a big double bed. Overall this was definitely the best Business Class we’ve ever flown with! We also loved all the safety precautions Qatar Airways had on board!

Also during our layover in Doha everything worked out really well! The Qatar Airways loung in Dohaย (“Al Mourjan Business Lounge“) has adapted perfectly to the current situation. They even had a nice playroom for kids. Hence, we really enjoyed our layover in Doha.

Our second flight from Doha to Malรฉ was just as comfortable as our first flight. We felt very save the entire time on board of Qatar Airways! I really hope we get to fly with them again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Entry into the Maldives

Upon entry into the Maldives we had to show our negative PCR test results again as well as our QR codes. Besides that the entry was just as uncomplicated as before COVID.

In the Maldives

This time we visited two of our favorite resorts in the Maldives:ย Soneva Fushi & Soneva Jani. The great thing about both resorts is that we had to do another PCR test after arrival there. Until we received the results we just stayed in our villa and of course got food etc. delivered. Directly the next morning we received our negative test results and therefore didn’t need to wear masks anywhere or do social distancing. It almost felt surreal being able to come closer to people or letting Mason play with other kids freely ๐Ÿ™‚

The first resort we stayed at was Soneva Fushi. The first three nights we got to stay in one of their new 1 bedroom water villas with slide and the second two nights in one of their beach villas. I usually prefer water villas over beach villas in the Maldives. However, I also need to admit that with kids (especially with a toddler) it’s super convenient staying in a beach villa. Mason loved playing with the sand right in front of our door. What would you prefer in the Maldives: Staying in a water or a beach villa?

Soneva Fushi also had the most beautiful Kids Club we’ve ever seen! They even had a water slide there! Mason enjoyed his time there to the fullest ๐Ÿ™‚

Btw you can reach Soneva Fushi & Soneva Jani from Malรฉ via seaplane. Soneva even has a private seaplane which is much more comfortable than the ones from Trans Maldivian Airways are. After staying five nights at Soneva Fushi we had a 15 minute seaplane ride to Soneva Jani. Since both resorts are not far away from each other when the sea is calm enough it’s also possible getting from one resort to the other via boat. However, we really enjoyed the short seaplane ride with fantastic views!

Soneva Jani is in my opinion the most beautiful resort in the Maldives! We stayed in one of their stunning water villas. I simply love the design of the villas and the water colors of Soneva Jani! Unfortunately we were not so lucky with the weather at Soneva Fushi but the weather at Soneva Jani was much better so we enjoyed our stay there even more ๐Ÿ™‚

Before departure

Since our next destination after the Maldives was Dubai (where another PCR test before departure was required) Soneva organized it for us. Again we did the test in our villa which was such a great service of them! Within 24 hours we received our again negative test results and had to fill out another online questionnaire. Soneva Jani printed it out for us as we had to show it upon checkin. Leaving the Maldives was just as uncomplicated though nas entering.


I can fully recommend the Maldives as a COVID travel destination! I believe there is hardly a safer place to be right now than in the Maldives! We felt both on board of Qatar Airways as well as at both Soneva resorts extremely save! Hence, I can fully recommend visiting the Maldives right now ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way the best time to visit the Maldives is from January to April. Unfortunately October belongs to their off season and we had quite a lot of rainy days there. Hence, in the future we will probably only visit the Maldives during their main season which I recommend especially to honey mooners etc.. Of course it’s always up to one’s luck ๐Ÿ˜€

Do you have any other questions I haven’t answered yet?


In cooperation with Qatar Airways & Soneva

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