My Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha, those that follow me on Instagram already know that Hawaii is my favorite place in the entire world. Thus, I'm super excited to be able to go back there in February. I revealed the reason for that in one of my last blog posts :) Because I receive many emails asking me for Hawaii tips I've decided to tell you about my ten favorite places that...

Clean Christmas Pancakes

Hi lovelies, I'm super happy that my Blog is working again. Unfortunately my server crashed Friday because too many people tried to access my website. But we've just upgraded the server and I hope that it will be working again from now on without any issues :) Today I have a yummy and easy recipe for you guys. A recipe that you can use to surprise your...

How can you afford everything?

„How can you afford your travels etc.?“ That is definitely one of the questions I get asked most often. From the outside my life may look like that I always sit in a tropical place drinking a cocktail...

My next Destinations + Relationship Status

Hi lovelies, I currently get many questions whether my boyfriend and I are still together because we haven't been on vacation for quite a while. So am I single again? :D No! The only reason why we haven't been on vacation together for quite some time is because he doesn't get much vacation time in his job. He works as a pilot and his airline only gives...

Healthy Tiramisu – Low carb & low fat

Hi sweeties, today I have a recipe for you guys which also serves as a great Christmas time dessert. I'm a huge lover of Italian food. Hence, I adore Tiramisu as dessert very much. Unfortunately the original is loaded with sugar and fat. Therefore I've created a healthy version of Tiramisu for you guys which is not only low carb but also low fat ;) Instead of...

My Travel Tips for Abu Dhabi

Hi lovelies, I've just returned from Abu Dhabi. This is the perfect time to give you some travel tips for Abu Dhabi :) Here are my personal Top 10 Travel Tips for Abu Dhabi: 1) Visit the Grand Mosque I've never been that impressed by a "building". We felt like in One Thousand and One Night. Pay attention to wearing something long. You don't need to wear a cover...

Selfmade Quest Bars

I'm a huge protein bar lover. I think it's super convenient always carrying a healthy snack or just a protein bar with you in case you get really hungry. That's why I always have at least one Quest Bar in my purse :D However, Quest Bars aren't really cheap. So why not making them yourself?! Here is a recipe for delicious protein bars. You only need...

Formula 1 Race, Fireworks & Cheesecake Factory – Abu Dhabi Travel Diary Day 3

Hi lovelies, our time in Abu Dhabi is unfortunately already over. Tomorrow morning at 6 am (3 am German time) we will fly back home. I'm really looking forward to the local Christmas market in Munich :) We really had an incredible time here in Abu Dhabi. I wanna thank LTUR again for making everything possible :) Our last day was very nice again. We were so lucky...

Camel Kisses, Desert Safari & City Tour – Abu Dhabi Travel Diary Day 1

Hi lovelies, I am now blogging from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and the city of luxury and tradition. Yesterday evening we went with Air Berlin from Duesseldorf to Abu Dhabi. Together with Isabelle, a girlfriend of mine, and Hannah and Sabrina, two of my lovely followers, we were able to go on this trip due to a LTUR giveaway. Really a great...


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