Wedding Season in 2017

Hi lovelies, please excuse that I haven't blogged for quite some time. My boyfriend and I have been traveling constantly the past month and have been working really hard on producing some amazing content for you guys :) Among others there's an awesome Santorini video coming up as well as a dreamy video about Positano...

So beautiful is Austria – Being a guest at Oetztal in Soelden

Hi lovelies, we've spent the past four days in the beautiful Oetztal in Soelden. Even though I love the sea I always feel very happy in the mountains as well! The amazing air, the cozy atmosphere and the awesome food make Austria to an excellent destination for me and I always love coming back here. I've never been to Soelden though which I definitely should have done....

My next Destinations

Hi lovelies, I've spent the past 1 1/2 weeks with my family in Frankfurt and was quite happy about that. Even though I really enjoyed this "time off" (well it was not really off as I had to do my taxes and such :D ) I'm now excited for new adventures :) We just arrived in Austria where we will spend the next four days in...

My Top 10 Travel Tips for Rio de Janeiro

Hi lovelies, I've just returned from amazing Rio de Janeiro. Inititally I was planning for this blogpost to be really long but unfortunately the weather wasn't really cooperating and we only had a few days in Rio with nice weather when we could explore the city :( Nevertheless, I don't wanna keep from you guys what we did during that time. Here are my Top 10 Travel...

Our Stay at Hilton Hotel Malta

Have you ever been to Malta? I discovered this beautiful place on earth just a while ago and literally fell in love with Malta! From Germany it's only around a 2 1/2 hours flight until you reach this beautiful island. There are many paradise like places in Malta such as the Blue Lagoon where you find water just like in the Maldives. A separate blog...

Current Press Publications + Instagram Account Verification

Hi lovelies, those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may have noticed that recently a lot of International Press Articles got published about me. Honestly this came totally out of the blue :D I got approached by a very sweet woman who is a reporter in the UK for Daily Mail, The Sun and Express if i could give her an interview. Of course I loved...

My Top 10 Travel Tips for Santorini

Hi lovelies, I've just returned from one of my favorite places in the world: SANTORINI. It was already my third time on this beautiful Greek island and again I absolutely fell in love with it. Today I wanna introduce my Santorini Travel Tips to you guys because there is a lot to see and do on this tiny island: 1) Visit Oia To me Oia is one of...

My New Travel Tips for Bali & Nusa Penida

Hi lovelies, one year ago I visited Bali for the first time. Read my blogpost with many travel tips here. Because my boyfriend mentioned Bali as being among his dream destinations I wanted to surprise him with a Bali trip for his birthday. This time we visited some of the places that I enjoyed most and also discovered lots of new places in Bali. Today I...

Our Stay at Sol Beach House Bali Benoa in Nusa Dua

One year ago I had an amazing stay at Sol Beach House on Ibiza (read my hotel review here). Hence, I was very happy when I heard about Sol Beach House Bali Benoa so I decided to stay there during our Bali trip. The hotel is located in Nusa Dua which is famous for having the best beaches in Bali. And that was exactly our impression...


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