My 10 best Weight Loss Tips

Many of you might have the New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds in 2016. Also I have phases sometimes (especially after vacations where I normally don't pay much attention to eating clean) when I wanna lose a bit weight. Today I'm going to give you a few tips on how you can reach your goals in a more effective and healthy way. My 10 best...

Our next Destinations in February

Hi lovelies, like I've revealed in this blogpost my boyfriend and I have a large trip in three weeks ahead of us: We will first fly to Las Vegas for two days where we will also visit Grand Canyon. And we plan on doing many other cool things such as being Superman for one day :D [youtube][/youtube] Do you already know this video? I found it on facebook and we...

My 10 Favorite Series

Hi lovelies, like I've revealed in my "20 Random Facts about Me" I'm a huge series junkie :D My favorites are US series. Hence, I wanna introduce my Top 10 favorite series to you guys today. I always watch them in the original version because it is better for my English and I love hearing the original voices of the actors. What are your favorite series? Write...

10 Groceries that every Fit Foodie should have in the House

Like I've recently revealed in my blogpost "Healthy Lifestyle - How it all began", I've been spending lots of time with healthy nutrition. I always recognize on myself after a time of eating lots of unhealthy food how much more energy and power healthy food gives me: My skin and nails are much better, my hair grows faster etc. Hence, I've made this list with my...

#AskMaddi (Q&A) – Getting married, Kids, Fears

I really love Q&As because they are only possible because of YOU guys. I always enjoy such posts the most :) On my YouTube channel I've already done a few Q&As and they always became really popular among you guys. Hence, I decided to do one on my blog now. On Instagram I posted a picture below which you could ask whatever you wanted. There...

How did you get so many followers on Instagram?

I always enjoy answering frequently asked questions from you guys. One of them is: "How did you get so many followers on Instagram?" Honestly I ask this questions myself sometimes :D First I wanna emphasize that the number of one's followers does not say anything about that person!! Most of my friends don't have Instagram, my boyfriend has been together with me a long time before...

Maddi on German television + recipes from the show

Hi lovelies, yesterday I was on German television at one of the largest TV channels in Germany, Pro 7. The show was about healthy eating and fruit. We watched it last night with friends and had a great time :) It was funny seeing myself on TV :D Hi hi Here you can watch the show :) I'm not sure whether you...

My Life in New York City

Many of you asked me whether I could speak about my time in New York because I used to live there for 1 1/2 years. I'm always super happy about blog ideas from you guys so of course I can do that :) I try to give you a few tips as well for those who are interested in spending some time abroad. My tips...

Healthy Lifestyle – How it all began

On all of my Social Media pages and my Blog clean eating and fitness play a very important role. I have discovered the healthy lifestyle quite some time ago when I was in High School. I have always been very athletic but I did not pay that much attention to healthy food when I was younger. Like many teenagers I loved fast food and any...


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