Our Engagement – All Details

I wanted to publish this blog post quite a while ago but so many things kept me from doing so (our baby shower, Christmas etc.). Nevertheless, I didn't wanna keep from you what I wrote down shortly after our engagement: I'm currently sitting on the bed of our hotel room and try to write down what happened three days ago. Iqbal is in the gym (normally...

Pregnancy Anxiety

Hi lovelies, because so many of you wished for a new blog post about my pregnancy here it is. Today I wanna talk with you about my current feelings. Even though we are super excited for our baby those feelings are not always 100% positive. I usually don't have a lot of anxiety and I'm most of the times a very optimistic person. Also during this pregnancy...

We are having a Baby!!! ❤️

That's probably the most emotional and most beautiful blog post I've ever written! Finally I can reveal our little secret to you guys: I'M PREGNANT...

Our Stay at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Big Island, Hawaii

Hi lovelies, you may have noticed that Hawaii is my favorite place in the world. But which island on Hawaii can I recommend? It was my first time on Big Island and I thought this Hawaiian island was really fascinating! Many people believe that you cannot visit Big Island anymore due to the volcano erruption a few months ago. That is not true though! The lava...

My first Coachella + my Outfits

Hi lovelies, we just got back from California where we spent our first Coachella. Today I wanna tell you about my impressions there and also give you a few details to my outfits :) For those who don't know what Coachella really is: Coachella is a music festival which takes place once a year (on two weekends) near Palm Springs in the USA. Especially the past few...

My Mobile Presets are finally available!!

Hi lovelies, I have amazing news for you guys: From now on my filters/ presets are finally available for the free Mobile Version of Lightroom (the app "Lightroom CC"). Hence, you won't need to spend any money on the desktop versions of Lightroom :D Many of you guys wished for it because you either didn't wanna spend so much money on the Lightroom subscription or didn't wanna...

Time Out in the Mountains – Andreus Golflodge in South Tyrol

Hi lovelies, those who have been following me for a while might have recognized that even though I love the sea I also really enjoy spending time in the mountains. Mountains do have something magical! Therefore, I was super happy that I got to spend three days in South Tyrol last week :) We stayed at the new Andreus Golflodge. The hotel is only one year old...

My Presets are finally available!! + FAQ

Hi lovelies, you are finally able to shop my presets!! HAVE  A LOOK AT THEM HERE. I'm super excited to see how you like them :D Overall I created 10 customized Preset Packs for you guys which consist of 10 different Presets each. So there is something for everyone :) Furthermore, you can also purchase the Master Collection which contains all 100 (!!!) presets. This really...

Where are all of your Dresses from?

Hi lovelies, I get asked the question "Where are all of your dresses from?" very often. Therefore, I decided to publish a blog post about my favorite online shops to buy dresses: Hello Molly I discovered this Australian online shop just a while ago and I especially fell in love with their shiny dresses. The following of my dresses are from Hello Molly: I got asked about this Glitter Dress so...

My Editing & Camera

Hi lovelies, today I will finally publish the blog post that so many of you have been waiting for: I will reveal how I edit my pictures. On Instagram I receive each day so many messages and comments about my editing that I'm very excited to finally talk about it here today ;) - Which camera do you use? - A while ago I published a blog post...


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