My Diet Routine

My Diet Routine

Hi lovelies,

I already wrote a detailed blogpost about my Fitness Routine (read about it here). Hence, today I wanna talk with you about my Diet Routine.

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I strongly believe that in order to really succeed sport and diet need to be in balance. This means that only through the right nutrition or only via intensive sport you won’t reach high goals. For instance it is not effective hitting the gym five times a week if you only eat burgers and co. Or eating clean without staying active, because from food alone you won’t get toned 😉

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Abs are made in the kitchen

There is a lot truth in the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”. The right diet does make a huge difference!

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Low carb or high carb low fat

In my case I don’t stick to a strict low carb diet. I don’t approve of strict low carb diets anyways where you are not even allowed to eat fruit or vegetables! I try to eat low carb in the evening because I’ve recognized it on myself that this works best for my body. For someone else it might be different. In the morning I eat high carb low fat food most of the times such as whole grain bread or oeatmeal. Especially when I’m working out a lot carbs give me energy. For lunch I mostly eat what I feel like eating and for dinner I try to eat low carb food like mentioned earlier.


Every body is different

It is important to me to emphasize that every body reacts differently. Some people can better handle a low carb diet others a high carb low fat diet. Hence, you cannot generalize what will work. In my case I’ve recognized that both works 🙂 But that is totally individual.

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Good vs. bad carbs

It is also a fact that your body needs good carbs. Especially when I work out a lot I recognize that my body needs carbs in order to have enough power. Hereby, you can differentiate between good and bad carbs. Good carbs are fruit and vegetables, whole grain products etc. Bad carbs are sugary drinks, white flour etc.


Maybe this table helps you to better understand the principle 🙂


Listen to your body

Hence, it is super important to listen to your body. If you have a huge desire to eat something your body probably needs it. For instance I recognize that when I start feeling under the weather I have a huge desire to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Because I listen to my body I almost never get ill.

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80-20 Rule

Although I try to eat healthy most of the times of course I don’t always eat 100% clean. It is very important to also allow your body to have some sould food in form of cheat meals ocassionally. In my gym there is a nutritional consultant. Even she confimed me that. She recommended me to follow the 80-20 rule: meaning to eat 80% healthy food and allow yourself to have 20% cheat food. A 100% healthy diet is almost impossible and also not desirable. You boost your metabolism by giving him unhealthy food sometimes. Hence, this rule is not only good for your soul but also for your body 😉 Whether it is better to schedule several cheat meals or a cheat day has not been confirmed yet. I personally prefer having a few cheat meals a week. Some others might prefer having a cheat day per week.


Count nutritients not calories

When I was younger I had a phase when I wrote down every single thing I ate including the calories. This almost drove me crazy back then and I also though about food all day long. This is the reason why I don’t write calories below my recipes. I think it is important to show that counting calories is not necessary and in some cases even contra productive. Rather pay attention to nutrients not calories!

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Aim to be fit & healthy not skin & bones!

My last and most important tip is to emphasize that the most important thing is to be fit and healthy and not skin and bones!! Don’t starve yourself!! Workout and try to eat healthy mainly. You will see that you will go through life much fitter and happier 🙂

Find more details about my diet routine here:

All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC].

If you have more questions about my diet routine let me know 🙂



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