My next Destinations + Relationship Status

My next Destinations + Relationship Status

Hi lovelies,

I currently get many questions whether my boyfriend and I are still together because we haven’t been on vacation for quite a while. So am I single again? 😀

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No! The only reason why we haven’t been on vacation together for quite some time is because he doesn’t get much vacation time in his job. He works as a pilot and his airline only gives him vacation time one month a year which he has to take at once.

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However, his free month isn’t far away: it’s already in February. Because he doesn’t get much vacation time we wanna take advantage of it to the fullest and travel to different destinations the entire month. Especially Michael has deserved it! So we are super excited for it. I hope you guys are a bit excited for us 🙂

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Because my boyfriend has never been to the US, especially not Hawaii, I wanna show him my favorite place in the entire world: Hawaii. Since I have a few friends living there it is really uncomplicated.

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We even thought about doing a cruise through Hawaii to see even more islands. Not sure though whether our budget allows for that 😉

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Yesterday evening I was looking for Hawaii flights and I found a super cheap offer. For such long distances (when there are no direct flights available) I can recommend you not to search for “Frankfurt – Honolulu” for instance, but rather to look for flights such as “Frankfurt – LA” and then “LA – Honolulu”. I tried out that strategy with Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. On the West Coast you can find great transit stops flying from Europe to Hawaii.

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Et voilà…I found a direct flight from Frankfurt to Las Vegas for only 350€, and a direct flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu for only 170€. So we thought about doing a 2 day stop in Las Vegas on our way to Hawaii 😀 In that case we won’t have such a big jet lag. And the flight won’t be that long because they are both direct flights 🙂


We are also planning on visiting Grand Canyon, which I’m super excited about. We were initially not planning on visiting Las Vegas but now we are super excited for it! Hence, if you are looking for flights don’t go the easy way 😉


Hence, we are now spending 2 nights in Las Vegas, 2 weeks in Hawaii and in the end we will visit a completely new destination that not many of you will know 😉 But I will tell you more about that later…

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We are definitely super excited for February. Of course we will bring our GoPro, underwater cases, drone and cameras along to be able to film some amazing footage for you guys 🙂


Because many of you asked for it: I will write a detailed blog post with travel tips for Hawaii which will be published this weekend 🙂



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