How I edit my Pictures + my Camera

"How do you edit your pictures?" and "What camera do you use for taking photos and making videos?" are two of the questions I get asked most often. That's why I decided to write this blogpost so I can answer your questions in detail :) Question II is easier to answer: Two years ago I bought my first SLR camera. In comparison to my pictures before that...

Healthy Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls

Since I've lived in the USA for a while I'm a huge fan of the American Cinnamon Rolls. However, the original is not really healthy as it contains lots of sugar and fat :P Hence, I've created a recipe for you guys which is not only healthy but also low carb. Thus, it is perfect to prepare yourself for Christmas in a healthy way :D I'm wishing...

The Secret of my Curls

Hi lovelies, I get many questions on how I style my curls. I have natural curly hair but it is everything but nicely defined and looks normally rather frizzy :P That's why for special occasions I use a flat iron and a curling iron to define my curls. [youtube][/youtube] On YouTube you can find a curl tutorial of mine. Don't expect much perfection of this video :D It was...

Our stay at Velassaru, Maafushivaru & Kandolhu (Universal Resorts) – Review

Hi lovelies, this year we did some island hopping in the Maldives. In addition to Six Senses Laamu we visited three resorts of Universal Resorts, hence, the same hotel group. In this blog post I wanna point out the pros (and cons) of each resort. Which island is suitable for you is totally up to your own preferences. Some might prefer a smaller island with more possibilites...

White Lace Meets Black Leather

Hi lovelies, today I have a fashion post for you guys that we've shot on a cloudy day in the Maldives. Maybe it inspires some of you who are going on vacation soon :) I immediately fell in love with the white dress. It not only looks lovely from the front, the back is also really nice. Unfortunately you cannot really see it but the back is...

Maddi feautured in SHAPE & VOGUE

Hi lovelies, this blog post is not about seeking attention. But not everyone has the option reading my current article in the SHAPE magazine or the one 10 months back in VOGUE. Hence, here you can find the articles, for all those that are interested ;) "@pilotmadeleine Nice to look at are the pictures of the Munich girl who mostly posts sporty pictures from home and from...

Underwater Pics & Inside Out Photos – Tutorial

I always get many questions on how I take my underwater pictures. It differs. I use two different devices depending on the occasion: 1) GoPro I use my GoPro mainly for action shots. The video quality of the new GoPro is amazing so I love taking underwater videos with it. However, if you swim in deeper waters (for instance while diving) I can recommend you buying a...

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives – Review

Hi lovelies, because I've just returned from the Maldives I wanna take the chance to write a review about our stay at Six Senses Laamu. It was the first hotel we visited during our stay in the Maldives and we've been extremely impressed by it. I've divided this blog post in several categories so you can get an even better impression :) [youtube][/youtube] We've also filmed a video about...

My Top 10 Excursions on the Maldives

Hi lovelies, I'm a very active person and love it to not only relax on vacation but also do some activities. Some people believe the Maldives are boring as you can only lay out on the beach all day. That is not the case though...


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