Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

Iqbals hair transplant in Turkey – The process and the successful result

Hi lovelies, today I have a slightly different blog post for you guys. We received a lot interest after posting on Instagram about Iqbal’s hair transplantation. So here is a blog post with information regarding his surgery and a first intermediate result. Iqbal has super thick hair. However, he’s had a receding hairline with hair loss since a few years already. I believe many men have this...

My Hair Routine in Summer

Hi lovelies, I get asked quite a lot what my hair routine (especially now in summer) looks like. I have the feeling that in summer my hair gets stressed so much more due to the sun, sea or chlorine water. Sometimes it even appears dull or colorless. Hence, I find it especially important to use good hair products in order to protect my hair and my...

Our Babyshower

Hi lovelies, in order to kill some before our baby is here I wanna pass one of the most beautiful days in 2018 in review: Our Babyshower :) Many of you asked me what a Babyshower actually is. A Babyshower is some kind of celebration before the baby will arrive. The parents are "showered" with luck and you wish them the best for the delivery of their...

Airline Review – With Emirates in Business Class to the Maldives

Hi lovelies, it's been quite a while since publishing my last Airline Review so I wanna continue on doing so today. Our Babymoon in the Maldives was an absolute dream! Not only did we get engaged there, we also could have hardly had any better trip before the arrival of our baby :) One of the reasons why this trip was so relaxing was the really great...

List for your Hospital Bag

Hi lovelies, because labor & delivery of our boy is coming up very soon (basically it could happen any day now) I've for a long time thought about what to bring to the hospital. Being a first time Mom I had zero clue what to pack. Hence, I watched quite a few YouTube videos and also used the question function on Instagram (I love it) and...

Our Stay in the Seychelles – Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Hi lovelies, we are currently planning our trips for this year. One of the destinations we really wanna visit again (probably in summer) are the Seychelles. I was the first time there with my boyfriend and we really loved it! Thus, we also wanna show it to our son :) A real special resort in the Seychelles is Six Senses Zil Pasyon. It is located on a...

New Destination in 2019 – China

Hi lovelies, here is my first blog post in 2019. I hope you had a great start of the new year and I'm wishing you the most wonderful and amazing year 2019! :) We are currently making travel plans for 2019. Of course everything is still a bit open as we first need to see whether our little boy likes traveling as much as we do. However,...

Our Engagement – All Details

I wanted to publish this blog post quite a while ago but so many things kept me from doing so (our baby shower, Christmas etc.). Nevertheless, I didn't wanna keep from you what I wrote down shortly after our engagement: I'm currently sitting on the bed of our hotel room and try to write down what happened three days ago. Iqbal is in the gym (normally...

Pregnancy Anxiety

Hi lovelies, because so many of you wished for a new blog post about my pregnancy here it is. Today I wanna talk with you about my current feelings. Even though we are super excited for our baby those feelings are not always 100% positive. I usually don't have a lot of anxiety and I'm most of the times a very optimistic person. Also during this pregnancy...

We are having a Baby!!! ❤️

That's probably the most emotional and most beautiful blog post I've ever written! Finally I can reveal our little secret to you guys: I'M PREGNANT...


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