My Maldives Travel Tips

My Maldives Travel Tips

One year ago I’ve visited the Maldives for the first time. I immediately fell in love with these gorgeous group of islands. I’m so excited that we will be back there in November.


I’ve never seen such stunning turquoise water in my whole life like in the Maldives.


Many people believed I used photoshop after seeing this picture 😛 Of course I didn’t… the Maldives really are this stunning 😀

My Maldives Travel Tips:

1. Choose a beautiful Island


We stayed at Fihalhoi Island Resort last time. It was very cheap: including flight we only paid 1000€ per person (for one week including half pension). In November we will visit some other itslands this time and I cannot wait.

It’s important to choose your resort carefully as you will be stuck there for a while and you can hardly go somewhere else 😀

2. Fly with Qatar Airways

I’ve never flown with such an excellent Airline like Qatar Airways before. Their Economy Class is like the Business Class at other Airlines. The food on board is amazing, you have a lot of leg space and you even get an amenity kit with socks, ear plugs, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. as a gift.

3. Go Diving or Snorkling


The underwater world on the Maldives is really one of a kind. You will most likely see turtles, lots of colorful fish, maybe even sharks or mantas, and many other beautiful sea creatures.

Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera or a GoPro (best with a selfie stick)!

4. Try to see Baby Turtles


We were really lucky to see them at our resort. It’s one of the sweetest things ever.

5. Do some Stand Up Paddle Boarding


I love staying active on vacation! One of my favorite vacation sports is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). On the Maldives doing SUP there is a high chance you will see rays, fish etc. swimming below you. It’s an amazing experience and a super fun and effective workout too!


6. Try out local Food


The food on the Maldives is really great! It tastes a bit similar to Indian food. Being a fruit fan I was especially excited about the abundance of tropical fruit such as papaya, mango etc.

7. Watch Sunrise & Sunset

Insta_0111It’s definitely worth it waking up early and watching the sunrise. Or waiting for dinner and first watching the sunset.


8. Stay in a Water Bungalow


Unfortunately we didn’t do that last time, which I regretted later. Waking up in the morning directly by the water must be truly magical.

FullSizeRenderb Kopie (1)

9. Try to swim with Mantas or Dolphins

Many resorts offer excursions. Unfortunately they aren’t very cheap most oft he times, but many of them are worth the investment. We for instance were lucky to swim with mantas. That was truly amazing!

10. Have a Smoothie or Drink by the Beach


Turn your vacation mode on and have a smoothie or drink by the beach. Hardly anything will feel more tropical.


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All of my videos have English subtitles! You just need to turn them on → lower right corner via [CC].


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