My Mobile Presets are finally available!!

Hi lovelies, I have amazing news for you guys: From now on my filters/ presets are finally available for the free Mobile Version of Lightroom (the app "Lightroom CC"). Hence, you won't need to spend any money on the desktop versions of Lightroom :D Many of you guys wished for it because you either didn't wanna spend so much money on the Lightroom subscription or didn't wanna...


My Presets are finally available!! + FAQ

Hi lovelies, you are finally able to shop my presets!! HAVE  A LOOK AT THEM HERE. I'm super excited to see how you like them :D Overall I created 10 customized Preset Packs for you guys which consist of 10 different Presets each. So there is something for everyone :) Furthermore, you can also purchase the Master Collection which contains all 100 (!!!) presets. This really...


Current Press Publications + Instagram Account Verification

Hi lovelies, those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may have noticed that recently a lot of International Press Articles got published about me. Honestly this came totally out of the blue :D I got approached by a very sweet woman who is a reporter in the UK for Daily Mail, The Sun and Express if i could give her an interview. Of course I loved...


I need your Help!!! #battleofsuperfruits #coco

A few weeks ago I spent four days in Miami with seven amazing people and a wonderful Garnier crew in order to prepare something really exciting for you guys: We not only had an incredible time in Miami we also thought about eight really cool Challenges for you guys. Each month another blogger/ youtuber will present his or her challenge on Instagram. You can then...


My new Diet Routine – The long Way to a Dream Body

Hi lovelies, on Instagram many of you recognized that I've lost quite some weight lately and that my body has also gotten more defined. Hereby I wanna emphasize that looking at the scale I currently even weight MORE (!!!) than before even though my pants have gotten looser and I also see on pictures etc. that I lost quite some weight. This is solely related to...


My first own Jewellery Collection is now available feat. Stilnest

Today I have very special News for you guys: My first own Aviation & Travel inspired Jewellery Collection is now available!! All pieces are very high-end, have an amazing quality and are available in silver, gold and rose gold :) Here you can see and order all pieces :) I'm very proud what the team of Stilnest and I have established within the past months. Every single...


Clean Brownies – vegan

Hi lovelies, today I have another recipe for you guys. Unfortunately the hacker deleted all of my pictures on Instagram, hence, also all recipes :( That's why I will upload some of them again on my Blog :) You can find many more delicious recipes in my healthy cookbook "Clean & Creative Cooking". It is also available in English. Download your copy directly from here :) Have lots...


Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Tartlets

Today I have another super yummy and healthy recipe for you guys: Some really sweet tartlets that you can also take perfectly with you to work, school etc. :) Feel free to share the recipe on facebook, Pinterest etc. You can find many more healthy recipes in my healthy cookbook "Clean & Creative Cooking". Download it here :) Have lots of fun baking! Xoxo Maddi Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Tartlets Ingredients |...


Low Carb Bee Sting Cake

Hi lovelies, here is finally another healthy recipe. Feel free to let me know what recipes you'd like me to create. I love developing healthy alternatives to unhealthy dishes :D Here is my version of a Healthy Bee Sting Cake which tastes even better than the original as it is not soo sweet and won't fill you up as much :D You can find many more healthy recipes...


10 DIY Ideas for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day

Hi lovelies, in two weeks it's that time of the year again: Mother's Day :D I'm somebody who loves giving DIY gifts to my Mom for such an occasion. Most important that it comes from the heart :) Hence, today I wanna show you some ideas that you may of course also use as a gift for Valentine's Day, a Birthday etc. :) Have lots of fun making...



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