Current Press Publications + Instagram Account Verification

Hi lovelies, those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may have noticed that recently a lot of International Press Articles got published about me. Honestly this came totally out of the blue :D I got approached by a very sweet woman who is a reporter in the UK for Daily Mail, The Sun and Express if i could give her an interview. Of course I loved...


Disadvantages of being a Travel Blogger

Hi lovelies, very often people envy me for my job. Even though it is certainly a dream job most people don't know how much work is actually behind it. Therefore I wanna talk about some disadvantages of being a travel blogger with you guys today. Some things might be a bit exagurated but there is definitely truth in every single point :P Disadvantages of being a Travel...


Our Stage Your Story – Realize your Travel Dreams

Hi lovelies, today I have a very special blog post for you. Hilton Hotels and Resorts, which I’ve worked with many times before and was always super happy about, has an amazing campaign running at the moment which I’d love to support. On (get directly to the campaign site here) you can design your own vision board with things that are on your bucket list....


Travel Blogger – Expectations vs. Reality

From the outside it might appear that as a travel blogger you only chill at tropical beaches all day long drinking cocktails. But of course that is not the case :D Trave blogger is a real job (for some people part-time for some even full-time) which (if done with a lot of passion) is really time consuming! It also means that your private life will...


My new Bucket List

Hi lovelies, the past two months I was able to travel to quite a few places that have been on my bucket list for a long time such as New Zealand or Philippines. Hence, it is now time to update my bucket list :) See my old bucket list here. Here are my Top Destinations on my Bucket List: BORA BORA AUSTRALIA POSITANO MYKONOS PERU (and visit Machu Picchu) ANDAMAN ISLAND CANADA NORWAY SEYCHELLES BALI SICILY MAURITIUS What destinations are...


My Top 10 Highlights in New Zealand

Hi lovelies, our New Zealand trip is unfortunately already over. Time to introduce my ten best moments there to you guys. It was quite difficult making an exact ranking so this is more like an estimate ;) Have you ever been to New Zealand? And if so what were your highlights there? My Top 10 Highlights in New Zealand: 10) Sky Jump Who would've thought that I would dare to...


Queenstown – The coolest city ever!! New Zealand Photo Diary & Travel Tips

I left my heart in New Zealand ♡ The last city we visited here in New Zealand really took my breath away. Unfortunately our time in this beautiful country is already coming to an end. But the best comes usually last, right ;) That is definitely true in our case: QUEENSTOWN For those who don't know Queenstown: The city is known as metropolis for all action lovers....


New Zealand Photo Diary & Travel Tips – Kaikoura incl. Dolphin Encounter

Hi lovelies, I'm still processing of of the most amazing experience in my life: Yesterday I swam with wild dolphins. The feeling is simply incredible! I've dreamed about swimming with dolphins for a long time because it is for instance not possible in the Maldives or Hawaii. And I'm totally against dolphins camps or the captivity of dolphins. Dolphins are such beautiful and playful animals that...



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