My current Playlist + favorite Remixes

Hi lovelies, because I get asked so much what music I listen to today I wanna introduce my current 10 favorite Songs to you guys. I enjoy most listening to Indie and Dance music. Let me know if you like one of these songs as much as I do :) 10) Andrew Ripp - Falling Faster [youtube][/youtube] You may recognize this song from my Bali video ;) It is...


Help – My Instagram & Snapchat Account got hacked :(

Hi lovelies, unfortunately today I don't have the best news: Overnight my Snapchat as well as my Instagram account got hacked :( I couldn't fall asleep last night and as if I had a clue it started around 3am: First I received an email that someone in Vienna locked into my Snapchat account with an Android phone. This made me suspicious as I have an iPhone...


New Relationship Status

Hi lovelies, because I have been asked so many time why I haven't posted any pictures with Michael for quite some time I feel like I owe you an explanation: The simple reason for that is that we've (for some time now) have not been together anymore. So I'm single again. Breaking up wasn't easy for us. We've been together for almost three years, had a wonderful...


10 Tips to take even better Pictures

Hi lovelies, I receive a lot of questions regarding my pictures, especially my camera. Therefore, I wanna give you a few tips today how you can improve your pictures (and thus improve your Instagram account, blog etc.): 1) Get a good camera A good camera is the most important tool of every photographer, artist, blogger etc.. Hence, it is worth investing into a good camera. Here you can...


My favorite Blogs & YouTube Channels

Hi lovelies, just a while ago I introduced my favorite Instagram accounts to you guys (you can read the blog post here). Today I wanna show you my favorite blogs and YouTube channels: My favorite Blogs: 1) Tuulavintage Jessica from Tuulavintage has motivated me to start my own travel blog. Hence, it was amazing meeting her in NYC just after my blog has been launched. She is such an...


Life Update – Not always only sunshine

Hi loves, I've been hesitating for a while whether I should write this blog post or not. But I find it important as an outsider to see that even the life of a blogger not only consists of sunshine and nice vacations. Because also the life of a blogger isn't everything but "perfect" and like every other human you are not protected from sad things happening...


20 Random Facts about Me – Family, my Quirks & Bora Bora

Hi lovelies, last month I posted a blogpost with "20 Random Facts about Me". It has become so popular among you guys that today I wanna reveal more facts about me ;) Here are further 20 Random Facts abou Me: 1) When I'm hungry I get unbearable That is why I always carry protein bars or something else in my purse as this is better for everone :P Haha 2) I'm...


#AskMaddi (Q&A) – My Childhood, Life without Instagram, my Boyfriend

One week ago I already published an #AskMaddi. You can read it here. I've received so many interesting questions from you guys that today I wanna answer the rest of your questions :) @sophieknot: "What is the prettiest Beach you've ever been to?" Maddi: Definitely Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. @chr_ii_st_ii_na: "I'd be interested in knowing where you always book your vacations? Looking forward to your Q&A...


My Flight Training up to Commercial Pilot Licence

Many of you asked me whether I could talk about about my flight training. That's why I'm finally going to do that today :) If you wanna find out about my current Aviation situation read this blogpost. I always receive many questions regarding the pilot test or how you can become a commercial pilot. But I will talk about that in another blog post because there...


My 10 Favorite Series

Hi lovelies, like I've revealed in my "20 Random Facts about Me" I'm a huge series junkie :D My favorites are US series. Hence, I wanna introduce my Top 10 favorite series to you guys today. I always watch them in the original version because it is better for my English and I love hearing the original voices of the actors. What are your favorite series? Write...



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