Life Update – Not always only sunshine

Life Update – Not always only sunshine

Hi loves,

I’ve been hesitating for a while whether I should write this blog post or not. But I find it important as an outsider to see that even the life of a blogger not only consists of sunshine and nice vacations. Because also the life of a blogger isn’t everything but “perfect” and like every other human you are not protected from sad things happening to you…

Gone Flying_090

Unfortunately the grandfather of my boyfriend passed away yesterday 🙁 I feel terribly sorry for Michael because his grandfather was like a father to him. For instance he was also the one who got him interested into aviation and signed him up already as a small boy for the aviation club. His grandfather always supported him and I know that Michael was also his favorite grandchild. Hence, it is especially hard for my boyfriend 🙁 He also decided not to fly today.


To me it is also a horrible situation because it all reminds me of my grandfather whom I’ve lost a few years ago 🙁 Like the grandfather of my boyfriend my grandfather was also like a Dad to me. He even lived with us, we always had lunch or dinner together etc. Besides that my grandfather was my biggest fan and he always supported me in my dreams (wether it was flying, traveling or my High School year abroad in Texas etc.).


Nevertheless, I’m glad that in contrast to my grandfather the grandfather of my boyfriend didn’t have to suffer. Although we was still fairly young he just fell asleep and passed away peacefully. His funeral will be this Saturday which I will of course attend too. I also had a great relationship with his grandfather and of course I also want to be there for my boyfriend. Because I think that is the most important thing in a relationship that you are also there for somebody during bad times 🙂

IMG_4563 Kopie

On Tuesday we will go on vacation which is probably also a good distraction for my boyfriend. At least we didn’t have to reschedule our trip which we would have done of course.


But you see: what sometimes appears to be “perfect” from the outside doesn’t necessarily have to be from the inside 😉

Lots of love to you and your loved ones! Do me a favor and tell them how much they mean to you today ♡



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