10 Tips to take even better Pictures

10 Tips to take even better Pictures

Hi lovelies,

I receive a lot of questions regarding my pictures, especially my camera. Therefore, I wanna give you a few tips today how you can improve your pictures (and thus improve your Instagram account, blog etc.):


1) Get a good camera

A good camera is the most important tool of every photographer, artist, blogger etc.. Hence, it is worth investing into a good camera. Here you can read about which camera I’m using at the moment which I really like πŸ™‚


2) A good objective is a must

Not only a good camera is important but also a good objective. The standard objective of my camera isn’t that great. Hence, I ordered this objective which I’m very happy with.


3) Order a pole filter

Especially in the Philippines where the light is super bright I recognized that a pole filter is really important in order to take nice pictures. Without a pole filter there is often too much light. With a pole filter the colors look amazing (especially blues). Also with a pole filter you shouldn’t go for the cheapest and rather invest in a good model. I recommend a pole filter by Hoya, as they are awesome!


4) Experiment with the Settings

When you get a new camera in the beginning it makes senses to first use the automatic modus. However, dare to experiment with the P or M modus.


5) For underwater pictures I recommend using a GoPro or a watershot case

Read here, what I mean and which GoPro I’m using πŸ˜‰


6) Get a red filter for your GoPro

If you wanna take underwater pictures I recommend you to use a red filter for your GoPro. It is really worth the investment because your pictures will turn out much clearer and more colorful πŸ™‚ Order it here.


7) It is worth getting a floater for your GoProΒ 

On the Philippines the GoPro of a former blogger couple fell off the boat. Without Floater a GoPro falls like a stone into the sea. Fortunately the water wasn’t too deep and very clear. Hence, a good free diver was able to get it. However, it really suck losing such an expensive camera. A Floater makes sure your GoPro will always float on the water so something like this cannot happen. Order your floater here.


8) Use a tripod for night shots

Especially when you wanna take pictures at night it is necessary using a tripod.

IMG_7785 (3)

9) Carefully edit your pictures

A good camera is the prerequesite, however, good editing skills will make the big difference πŸ˜€ Hence, both are extremely important. How you edit your pictures is totally up to you and also reflect your personal style. Read about how I edit my pictures here.


10) Always save your pictures

I recommend you to always save your pictures on anΒ external hard drive. A laptop can very easily be stolen, get damaged etc. Hence, it is really important always saving your pictures externally. It happened to me once where I was almost finished with my cookbook and didn’t save it and my laptop got damaged πŸ™ Hence, I had to do it all over agin πŸ™ Therefore, now I save everything at least twice πŸ˜€

IMG_0470 IMG_0471

For those who are interested in getting a Drone I can recommend you reading this blog post because of course a drone is also worth the investment πŸ˜€

vlcsnap-2016-02-28-08h23m34s109 (1)

I hope my tips were helpful for some of you πŸ™‚ Have lots of fun trying them out!




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