#AskMaddi (Q&A) – My Childhood, Life without Instagram, my Boyfriend

#AskMaddi (Q&A) – My Childhood, Life without Instagram, my Boyfriend

One week ago I already published an #AskMaddi. You can read it here. I’ve received so many interesting questions from you guys that today I wanna answer the rest of your questions 🙂

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@sophieknot: “What is the prettiest Beach you’ve ever been to?”

Maddi: Definitely Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.

@chr_ii_st_ii_na: “I’d be interested in knowing where you always book your vacations? Looking forward to your Q&A :D”

Maddi: I’ve already posted a blog post about this topic. I also give you many tips there how you can save lots of money. Read it here 🙂

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@the_spirit_of_america: “What is your favorite airline? :)”

Maddi: As a passenger Qatar Airlines, as a pilot Condor Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines 😀

@danisndrs: “Do you believe that you could still stick to a healthy lifestyle if you had a job as a pilot? I’m a flight attendant and I know how difficult it is eating something healthy on board. And always preparing something to take with you… not so easy.”

Maddi: I can imagine that isn’t so easy. I always give my boyfriend salads + dressing, much fruit and protein bars to take with him on his flights 😀 But everything is definitely a lot of work to prepare it in advance 😉


@ana0mar: “How did you end up in Munich?”

Maddi: I was looking for a fulltime MBA program that has a good ranking and that doesn’t take too long. I was lucky that I found a good program at a university here in Munich. During my bachelor studies I already lived half a year in Munich when I did an internship at BMW. Back then I fell in love with Munich so I decided that I wanted to move back there one day. Hence, it was perfect that I found a great MBA program in Munich 🙂

Tanja: “I would like to know why you moved together with your boyfriend after such a short time and how you two met… if that is not too private”.

Maddi: No, that is not too private 😉 I met my boyfriend at the end of my flight training. We were friends for one year before we started dating. Back then we received a pilot offer my Turkish Airlines. Because we were friends we were thinking about becoming roommates 😀 Unfortunately the offer didn’t happen as they decided to only take Turkish citizens. But even before we started dating I decided to move to Munich for my MBA. Because we both didn’t want to have a long distance relationship we decided to move together after we’ve only been dating for two weeks. I mean we wanted to live together as friends, so why not as a couple?! 😀 My boyfriend quickly found a job as a simulator instructor in Munich so he came with me to Munich. Of course it was quite a risk but I would do it again anytime. Some couples have been dating for over three years before they move together and realize it doesn’t work. Hence, better to find out in the beginning whether it is a great fit. At least that’s what I think 😉

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@travel.mw: “Do you wanna visit North Africa/Africa?”

Maddi: Definitely! So far I’ve only been to South Africa in Cape Town which I really loved. But I would like to do a safari in Africa 🙂

@michelle1093: “Can you imagine having a life without Instagram, facebook your blog and co? :)”

Maddi: I’m from a generation that has grown up completely without mobile phone, pc etc. and I still had an amazing childhood. Hence, it would definitely work. However, social media and my blog have become a wonderful part of my life that I don’t wanna miss because I really enjoy it 🙂 But of course my life wouldn’t be over if for some reason all of that would exist anymore.

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@helen16.03: “Do you get homesick sometimes when you are traveling:)”

Maddi: Not very often, only when I don’t feel comfortable at one place. At Abu Dhabi I got a bit homesick because the culture was very different. But sometimes I’m just happy being home for instance during Christmas time when I never travel 🙂

@claraxshnl: “Not sure whether you’ve talked about it before but I’d like to know more private things about you… How did you grow up, what occupation do your parents have and has it influenced you in growing up? Do they also love to travel so much? Have they traveled with you? What was your education?”

Maddi: My education was the following: After high school I studied business with a bachelor degree, thereafter I did my flight training (read about it here) followed by an MBA in business. At the moment I’m self-employed. Both of my parents are teachers. Hence, I’ve grown up in a completely normal family (without intense amounts of “wealth”). My parents raised me to always work hard for everything in life. And I’m extremely thankful that I wasn’t a spoiled child. I think it helped me to always work hard for everything I wanted in life (my travels etc.) and to never give up. It’s funny that my parents only travel by car within Europe. Maybe that’s why I have such a high wanderlust because I’ve never been overseas with my parents. I’ve for instance never flown with my parents to any vacation destination 😀 Nevertheless, I had an amazing childhood and I can’t thank my parents enough for everything 🙂

“Why did you start with YouTube?”

Maddi: It was only because of Instagram. Many of you asked me there whether I could start with YouTube. Videos just offer a great possibility to share completely different content with your audience. Hence, I’ve never regretted that I started with YouTube. Visit my channel here 🙂

@belle010194: “How does your daily life look like when you are in Frankfurt :)?”

Maddi: When I’m at home I always try to spend as much time as possible with my parents. Most of my friends live in Munich but I still have a few friends living in Frankfurt so I try to see them too while I’m there. Otherwise I do everything very similarly like I do it in Munich: I work a lot, hit the gym, bake, cook etc. And I always have dinner with my parents which is really nice because in Munich I sometimes just have dinner by myself in front of the TV or in front of my PC with some series 😀


@_jana_k: “Have you every been skydiving?”

Maddi: Yes, a few years ago at North Shore in Hawaii. It was an incredible feeling and I definitely wanna do it again; probably while I’m in New Zealand in March 🙂

@anna_maria_2000: “How much time do you spend on writing a blog post?”

Maddi: That depends on the blogpost. For recipes it’s sometimes only a few hours, for personal blogposts with a lot of text (such as this one) sometimes a full day. I always write my blog posts in two languages. Only translating everything normally takes a few hours. But like mentioned before my blog is almost “therapy” for me. Hence, I really enjoy doing that 🙂

Thank you so much for your great questions and the amazing atmosphere on my blog 🙂



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