Our Highlights at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Our Highlights at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

There are only a few hotels in the world which I fell in love with at first sight! One of them is Six Senses Laamu. The resort is and will most likely always remain one of my favorite hotels in the entire world. Hence, I was very excited to be able to visit it again. Here is our Video about our stay:

Yes, the resort isn’t quite cheap but it is very exclusive and VERY special! You will see many couples and honeymooners there as there is hardly a more romantic place. However, it is also a great resort for friends or families. Because I’ve been to Six Senses Laamu already 1 1/2 years ago this will not be a normal hotel review. Find my Hotel Review about Six Senses Laamu here. Today I wanna show you some Highlights of the resort which made it to one of my favorite resorts in the entire world:


Six Senses Laamu puts a high emphasis on sustainability. For instance most vegetables, fruit etc. which are consumed on the island are also produced there. Instead of offering shampoo, body lotion etc. in small plastic bottles (how many five star hotels do it) all cosmetic products are offered to hotel guests in reusable ceramic bottles. Also the water used at the resort is handed out in resuable glass bottles. This ecological thinking doesn’t mean though that luxury is traded for it because the resort is still truly luxurious!

The Water Villas

I just looove the design of the water villas at Six Senses Laamu. This time we unfortunately didn’t have a pool villa. However, it was simply a dream waking up every morning with a view over the sea. The villas also have the perfect size: Not too small so you’re getting on each other’s nerves as a couple and not too big so romance is lost 😉

The Picknick Island

Six Senses Laamu even has its own picknick island that you can rent for a day. It’s a private island on which you are also served a delicious lunch. The colors there are even more beautiful than on the main island (if this is even possible)! And I can promise you: It hardly gets any more romantic than spending the day with your loved in total privacy on a romote island 😀

Culinary Variety

Six Senses Laamu has a great selection of different restaurants, cafés etc. My favorite restaurant is the organic restaurant “The Leaf”. Of course there are other culinary possibilities such as a great Japanese restaurant etc.. Although my favorite specialty on the island still is that you can eat as much ice cream as you want… and all for free 😀 The ice cream is even produced on the island, without egg and other unhealthy ingredients. And there are also dairy free options available. My secret tip is the dairy free coconut ice cream. It is sooooo good… OMG!

Casual Atmosphere

If you would think that in such a luxurious resort there is a dresscode you are mistaken. At Six Senses Laamu you are handed out a bag for your shoes already when you board the boat to the resort. The bag is only given back to you when you leave. This will be the first time when you finally realize that you didn’t wear shoes the entire time 😀 Even driving around barefoot with the bicycle (which we totally loved) was totally normal after some time.

As you can see Six Senses Laamu is a truly special resort and one of my favorites ones in the world 🙂

What is your favorite hotel you’ve ever been to?



  • Janice Flores
    Posted at 12:28h, 17 February Reply

    I must say your photos look like paradise. What a place that is. Now I’m kinda dying to visit it too. Looks amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  • sandy
    Posted at 02:33h, 02 July Reply

    i am looking for the exact room your staying in as the pictures are to die for! i definitely want that view! i am so happy i found your blog… definitely has helped me planned this trip 🙂

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