My Travel Tips for Malta

My Travel Tips for Malta

Hi lovelies,

it was about time to publish another blog post. Many of you wanted me to talk about my Top 10 Favorite Places on Malta so I didn’t only wanna do that on Instagram but also on here:

1. Comino – Blue Lagoon:

My number 1 favorite place in Malta is the Blue Lagoon, also known as Comino. It is located between the main island of Malta and Gozo. On a good day the colors there are like in the Maldives. You can reach the Blue Lagoon via private boat or with a charter. We’ve done both before and it is both recommendable. The private boat has the advantage though that you get the boat by yourself. You can for instance rent a sailing boat here in Malta including skipper starting at 450€ a day. If you share this with several people it is worth it. The cheaper option is to book a cruise via a tour provider. I cannot recommend “Captain Morgan” as it is too crowded. My favorite company is Hornblower Cruises as there aren’t so many people on their boat and it even has a water slide 😀 We paid less than 20€ per person and you get to spend the entire day in the Blue Lagoon. The boat has food you can buy, several toilets etc. The cruise starts in the morning and you can spend the whole day at Blue Lagoon, go swimming, rent a jet ski etc. In my opinion you definitely need to visit Blue Lagoon when you’re in Malta!

2. Spinola Bay:

Spinola Bay in St. Julian’s is also one of my favorite places in Malta. That’s why Iqbal and I have been living there fore 3 years now. We love this cute little bay including all of the small fisher boats and the stunning atmosphere at night. You can get the best pizza at Café Cuba, along with a beautiful view. They only serve pizza after 6pm so it’s best to come there for dinner. Many people slender around Spinola Bay and enjoy the view from one of the cute & colorful benches. A great hotel at Spinola Bay is Hotel Juliani which I can fully recommend! They have a cute rooftop including pool and the best view over our little bay 🙂

3. Balluta Bay:

Just 5 minutes away from Spinola Bay is Balluta Bay. We are there almost every day. There is a public pool as well as a stunning cathedral. Below the cathedral there is a nice sandy beach which offer caribbean colors on a good day. This beach is also very well suited for kids as the water is quite flat and the sand is very soft. There aren’t many sandy beaches in Malta so this is a plus. However, sometimes seewead is flooded there so this beach isn’t always the cleanest.

A really good healthy café at Balluta Bay is Café Crudo. They have acai bowls, fresh juices (try out their apple ginger juice) and yummy sandwiches. They also have vegan options. Another great restaurant at Balluta Bay is Piccolo Padre. You can find delicious fish and Italian dishes on their menu. I always order their grilled calamari which tastes amazing! You definitely need to try out fish in Malta which is super fresh and delicious!

4. Sliema:

If you walk a bit further along the promenade you find a cute playground. This is where we spend most of our time at the moment 😀 Directly below the playground is another nice bay which is also very well suited for swimming. The Sliema promenade is also really beautiful and there are natural pools everywhere. They are great for swimming, however, they are surrounded by stones. In Sliema you can also find several beach clubs (I really like Pearl Beach Club) where you can swim and order yummy food. It’s a nice walk to walk along the promenade from St. Julian’s to Sliema. Tas Sliema is best for shopping. There are stores like Zara or Topshop. Be aware though: Malta isn’t the best place to go shopping 😀 At least they have a few good stores. Tas Sliema also offers a beautiful view over Valletta.

5. Valletta:

Valletta is the capital of Malta and such a cute and historic city. You can find beautiful buildings, small cafés, good restaurants and small shops there. For sure it’s worth it spending a day here. The best view over Valletta is probably the one from Barakka Gardens. Iqbal and I love Lebanese food. Hence, when we’re in Valletta we usually order something from Falafel Street directly at the entrance of Valletta. It’s not a fancy restaurant but rather a fast food place. They have very good food though!

6. Popeye Village:

A very nice place for kids in Malta is Popeye Village. It’s the original movie location of the movie “Popeye”. They just kept it there. You can now play minigolf in Popeye Village, talk to some Popeye characters etc. The entrance fee is 15€ for adults and 12€ for children (aged between 3-12 years). If you don’t wanna spend the money you can also enjoy the stunning view over Popeye Village from the upper street which is already worth visiting 🙂

7. Golden Bay Beach

Another beautiful sandy beach in Malta is Golden Bay. You can reach it via taxi or rental car. Golden Bay Beach offers one of the best sunset views in Malta so it is usually quite crowded around that time. If you wanna have this view already when waking up you can book a hotel room at the adjacent hotel: The Radisson Blue Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands which is also supposed to be quite nice.

8. Mdina:

If you love visiting cities you should also stop by Mdina. Next to Valletta this city is another nice place to see. They also filmed Game of Thrones there so if you’re a true GOT fan you will probably recognize some of the movie scenes 😉

9. Portomaso:

Close by St. Julian’s is a cute little harbour called Portomaso. It is nice to walk around here or visit one of the restaurants. Our favorite one in Portomaso is Blue Elephant. Their “Pad Thai” is delicious! The food at Blue Elephant is a bit pricey though but it’s great for a special occasion. The restaurant belongs to Hilton Malta Hotel where I can also recommend staying at. I think it’s the most expensive hotel in Malta though. They have a huge pool, a big gym, a great location and amazing food though.

10.Blue Grotto:

One of the best views in Malta is the one above Blue Grotto. However, it’s also worth it to see it from below as the water is crystal clear in there 🙂

Hotel Recommendations for Malta:

I get asked very often which hotels I can recommend in Malta. Two of my favorite ones are Hotel Juliani and Hilton Malta Hotel which both have a great location. If you’re a person who loved spending all day at the beach Radisson Blue Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands is also suited for you as Golden Bay Beach is close by.

Further Travel Tips für Malta:

Taxis are very cheap in Malta so it might not even be necessary to rent a car there. We always use the app Bolt. It works similar to UBER and you can find cheap taxis there without carrying cash with you.

Did you know that movies like Troy, Gladiator or Game of Thrones have partly been shot in Malta? 😉 I think that’s super cool!

In addition to Valletta and Mdina it’s also worth it to visit Msida. It’s a cute Marina city with a very special flair!

If you enjoy jumping from cliffs definitely also visit St. Peter’s Pool. You can also take great drone shots from there.

Malta consits of two islands. We live on the main island but the Northern island Gozo is also really beautiful and worth visiting!

For sure Malta is a great holiday destination! There are many places in Europe that offer direct flights to Malta such as Frankfurt or Rome. I just hope borders will open soon so you can visit our beautiful island again 🙂

Do you have any further questions regarding Malta? Feel free to write them in the comments 🙂



  • Yasasri katragadda
    Posted at 13:00h, 26 May Reply

    In how many days can we complete all these places??

  • Mazz
    Posted at 12:35h, 27 May Reply

    I love this! Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to convince my husband to go to Malta and visit all the places you mentioned, it all looks so beautiful! ????

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 08:32h, 29 May Reply

    Can you recommend some restaurants? ????

    • Madeleine
      Posted at 10:09h, 02 June Reply

      Yes, like mentioned in the blog post I can recommend Café Cuba, Café Crudo, Piccolo Padre and some others mentioned here (check below location) 🙂

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