TUTORIAL – Installation & Use of my Mobile Presets

TUTORIAL – Installation & Use of my Mobile Presets

Hi lovelies,

as I receive many messages from you guys per day how to install my Mobile Presets on your phone here is a detailed Tutorial:

I recommend you ordering my Master Collection. It contains 100 (!!!) of my presets and you save more than 50% as if you would order each pack alone. Hence, it’s an amazing deal! The Master Collection is the top seller among my preset packs. The only packages which you need to order in addition is the Seychelles Preset PackΒ and Iqbal’s Summer Preset Pack as we launched these after launching my Master Collection.

Immediately after receipt of payment you receive an email with download link. Also check your junk folder because my email often ends up there πŸ˜‰ If you own a laptop just click in my email on “Master Collection”, “City Preset Pack” etc. below Download and install the presets. HERE you can read how to install them using a laptop.

Directly on your phone (without a laptop) you can import them this way:

Step 1) Download the app – Download the free app “Adobe Lightroom CC” on your phone.

Step 2) Register – Register on the app. It is absolutely free and super quick πŸ™‚

Step 3) Download the presets

iPhone: First download the free app UnZip and save everything in UnZip.

Android: First download the free app RAR and save everything in your regular files.

Step 5) Create albums – Open the app “Lightroom CC” and create two albums. Name one of them “Maddie Presets” or such and the other one “My Pics” or so. Now import into the “Maddie Presets” album the presets. This is super easy by clicking on the lower right side on the “+” sign and afterwards selecting all DNG files. Now do the same with the album “My Pics” and import from your camera roll here the pictures that you wanna edit.

Btw if you have ordered the Master Collection it looks this beautiful and organized πŸ™‚ That’s why I recommend the Master Collection to everyone because you get all 100 filters and thus have a filter for literrally EVERY occasion πŸ™‚

Step 6) Apply the presets – In the album “Maddi Presets” now copy a filter that you wanna use. This is done by clicking on the upper right corner of a filter of your choice and aftewards selecting “Copy Settings”.

Thereafter, go to the album “My Pictures”, click on the three dots again and select “Paste Settings”. Et voilΓ‘ the filter is applied on your picture πŸ˜€

Now adjust the pic individually (I reveal HERE how this is done) and you are ready to post it πŸ™‚

It sounds more complicated than it actually is because it is super easy and fast!! You will see: Already after a short period of time you will become an editing pro using my presets πŸ™‚

Now have so much fun using them! I cannot wait to see your pictures so please share them onΒ @pilotmadeleinepresets. See below a few more before & after editing pics using my presets.


If you’ve tried several times to import my presets to your phone and still haven’t managed feel free to send me an email via pilotmadeleine@gmail.com with your order number. Then I can also send them directly to your phone πŸ™‚


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