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Iqbals hair transplant in Turkey – The process and the successful result

Hi lovelies,
today I have a slightly different blog post for you guys. We received a lot interest after posting on Instagram about Iqbal’s hair transplantation. So here is a blog post with information regarding his surgery and a first intermediate result.

Iqbal has super thick hair. However, he’s had a receding hairline with hair loss since a few years already. I believe many men have this so we don’t think it’s anything we cannot talk about. As far Iqbal was able to hide it quite well below his other hair. Nevertheless, it’s getting more and more difficult for him to hide his receding hairline. Especially when he is swimming, when there is wind and so on. Hence, he decided to get a hair transplantation. This is a before pic so you can understand why he took this step.

Now you may wonder why we’ve chosen Turkey over Germany. This has two reasons:

1) Hair transplantations are much cheaper in Turkey than in Germany

2) Turkey (especially Istanbul) is worldwide known for having the best doctors for hair transplantation and medical tourism

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

So why not traveling to a specialist and in the end even paying less for it? We’ve chosen the best of the best when it comes to hair transplant procedures: Dr. Serkan Aygin. His clinic is worldwide renowned and him and his team have done a huge amount of successful hair restoration. They are absolute experts in this field which was very important to us. After doing a lot of research we decided to book and appointment with Dr. Serkan Aygin. The method he uses is Soft FUE. Soft FUE hair transplantation is a medical procedure announced by Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic for the first time as of 2019. In the narrowest sense of the term, the soft FUE technique refers to carrying out hair transplantation under sedation. Find out more about this procedure HERE.

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

Even though Iqbal was a bit nervous before his surgery the welcome at the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic was very warm and friendly. You don’t feel like being in a clinic but rather in a trendy café since there are so many young people. Furthermore, almost all employees speak English. Hence, you don’t get a strange feeling since all of your questions get answered.

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

The Process of Iqbal’s Hair Transplantation was the following:

Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul & Preliminary Discussion

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

On the first day we arrived in Istanbul in the early morning. We checked into our first hotel and in the afternoon already had a preliminary discussion at the clinic with Dr. Serkan Aygin personally. He looked at Iqbal’s hair very carefully, drew a hairline and gave Iqbal various options for his new hairline. This day we went to bed with a good feeling and excitement for the next day when his hair transplant surgery was set.

Day 2: Surgery

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

Day 2 started quite early. Mason and I brought Iqbal to the clinic in Istanbul and then we said bye to him afterwards. Iqbal’s surgery took around 5 – 6 hours. During this time I was with our baby at the hotel and we picked Iqbal up afterwards.
They first trimmed his hair. Iqbal wanted to keep his upper hair which was fortunately no problem. They just trimmed his hair in the back and on the sides. Afterwards, he received local aneastesia and the grafts got harvested from his back. On some men the grafts in the back are not enough so they also harvest some from the beard. This was not necessary in Iqbal’s case though.
Afterwards the grafts get cleaned very carefully, sorted and counted.
After a few hours the hair follicles are transplanted. Iqbal said the surgery was not painful at all and he even slept through parts of it.
Overall he got 3.400 grafts transplanted. This high number of grafts would have been super expensive anywhere else in the world.

Here you can see the 4 different stages of hair transplantation:

1. Preparation of Hair Transplantation
2. Graft Harvesting
3. Recipient Site Creation
4. Transplantation of Hair Follicles

Day 3: Bandage Removal & Follow-Up Discussion

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

The day after his surgery Iqbal received a bandage on his back of the head. It already got removed the day after and parts got cleaned. The doctor had a look at Iqbal’s head and since everything was ok we would have even been able to fly home that day. Our flight was the next day though so we enjoyed one more day in Istanbul – and enjoying this part of the middle east. As you can Iqbal took his new look very easily 😀

Secondary Treatment

The follow-up treatment after the surgery gets explained in detail at the clinic for instance how to wash your hair. The only thing which bothered Iqbal in the beginning a bit was that he couldn’t sleep so well. He was not allowed to touch the places with the grafts so he had to use a neck pillow at night.
Furthermore, in the first days there was a lot of pressure on his head so his forehead was a bit swolen. That is very normal though and it dissolved every day after the surgery. After around one week everything was basically back to normal and Iqbal was also able to sleep well again. Today exactly 4 weeks after his surgery you can hardly see anything. The hair in the back has grown back and in the front the hair is also already growing. They are supposed to fall out but the hair which grows back is supposed to stay. It already looks really nice but it will look really amazing in a few months when the new hair will have the same length like his old hair. I will update this blog post then to show you more after pics.

Haartransplantation in Türkei - Pilot Madeleine

For sure we are already super happy about the current result and the entire surgery, and the hair transplant clinics in turkey! It actually could all not have been any better and we are very happy with the results and about the doctor we chose: Dr. Serkan Aygin.
If you are interested in hair transplantation (for yourself or for your boyfriend or so) feel free to contact the clinic via WhatsApp (they speak English) under: +90-542-307 84 19 Tell them you are coming from us 🙂 They will also imform you about prices etc.
We actually also filmed a YouTube video about Iqbal’s hair transplantation which will be up soon. You will be able to see everything in more detail then. I will let you know when it’s up 🙂


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