My next Destinations

My next Destinations

Hi lovelies,

I’ve spent the past 1 1/2 weeks with my family in Frankfurt and was quite happy about that. Even though I really enjoyed this “time off” (well it was not really off as I had to do my taxes and such 😀 ) I’m now excited for new adventures 🙂 We just arrived in Austria where we will spend the next four days in Soelden/ Oetztal. After this we will be for four days back in Germany before we’re starting our next long distance trip:

On September 10th we will fly to Los Angeles where we will celebrate my birthday. Los Angeles is the favorite city of my boyfriend so this makes me even more excited for it. We will rent a car again in Los Angeles so we don’t feel like tourists there but rather like locals 😀 Furthermore, we will stay in really stunning hotels in LA of which some are located directly at the beach 🙂

From Los Angeles we will drive with our rental car to Las Vegas. My boyfriend has never been to Vegas so I really wanna show him this fascinating desert city 🙂 Las Vegas also has the best clubs in my opinion. Even though I’m not really a “partygirl” we will definitely hit the night life there 😀

We are also planning to visit Grand Canyon one day. I’ve never been there but always wanted to go. I just love such gigantic mountains!

After our stay in Las Vegas we will fly to Mykonos. We are invited for a Wedding there of a good friend of mine and I’m pretty sure it will be amazing! This is already our third wedding this year. I always plan my travels accordingly so that we can attend every wedding. One of them was in Hawaii this year which was really a dream wedding 🙂 Let’s see if this one can compete 😉

After Mykonos we will make a quick stop in Athens where we have a hotel with direct view over Akropolis 😀

After Athens we will fly to Munich because I really don’t wanna miss this year’s Oktoberfest. As a Munich girl you really shouldn’t 😉 I’m already super excited for Oktoberfest and also cannot wait to meet many of you guys there again 🙂

After Oktoberfest we will make our last Euro Summer stop this year which is a destination which I’ve always dreamed of: Positano at Amalfi Coast. I’m curious to see whether Positano is really as beautiful as in its pictures 🙂

From Positano we will fly to Hamburg because I have a Shooting for L’Oreal there. It’s quite a big campaign so I’m already a bit nervous 😀

After this it’s really enough traveling for us so we will fly home. Because nothing feels like home!

Otherwise we also have another really cool trip planned in October where we will visit different destinations in the Caribbean. I’ve never been there so I’m even more excited for it 🙂 Our first stop in the Caribbean will be St. Martin and St. Barth where we have rented a stunning apartment with good friends of ours. St. Martin and St. Barth are supposed to be the most beautiful places in the Caribbean so let’s see if that is true 😉

From St. Barth we will fly to Bahamas because I wanna tick of the item on my bucket list “swimming with piglets in the Bahamas” 😀

After Bahamas we will be four days in Miami. I was already there beginning of the year (also for L’Oreal) but I wanna show the city to my boyfriend.

Otherwise we have already planned some other really cool destinations this year but I will tell you more about when it is certain 😉 We are for instance thinking about visiting Iceland in November to be able to finally watch the Northern Lights. Because this has also been on my bucket list for a looong time 😀

Have you already planned your next destination? And if so: Which is it?


  • Jakob
    Posted at 14:20h, 04 September Reply

    Hey Maddi! Which camera do you use for your pictures? ❤ from sweden

  • Adina
    Posted at 14:23h, 04 September Reply

    Hi Madeleine,

    your plans sound quite stressy. I hope you will find some time to enjoy these beautiful places a little ????

    As for my plans, there are (only) three trips planned, but for a fulltime office job ok… ????): Sylt next week, Dubai at the End of October and Thailand Koh Phangan in a really beautiful hotel at the beginning of January right after New Year’s ????????

    Schöne Grüße aus München und weiter so mit deinem Reiseblogger Business, ich finde es klasse ????????

    LG Adina (

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach
      Posted at 17:37h, 04 September Reply

      Hi hi… it’s definitely gonna be a bit stressy but somehow we like it that way 😀
      Awww… such nice destinations ???? Viel Spaß

  • Talena
    Posted at 10:59h, 05 September Reply

    Wow, da sind viele tolle Destinationen dabei! Ich war dieses Jahr 4 Wochen in Thailand, jetzt gerade bin ich auf den Kanaren. Daher ist dieses Jahr wohl nur noch ein Städtetrip drin. Aber im März geht es erst nach New York und von dort aus nach Costa Rica, darauf freue ich mich schon total! 🙂

  • Ophélie moris
    Posted at 09:22h, 06 September Reply

    Hey Madeleine ! So exiting about your next trip! Give me so much idea 🙂 we are going in Morocco in 1 week with my boyfriend and then we leave for Reunion island, Mauritius, Kenya and Madagascar. You can see all my trip on my blog if you have some time or in Instagram @labengale.

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach
      Posted at 15:52h, 08 September Reply

      Thx love ❤️ We actually just decided to visit Marocco in November as I always wanted to go there 😀 Wow… very beautiful destinations you have planned!

  • thetravellingbeautyqueen
    Posted at 01:08h, 19 September Reply

    Hi Madeleine! Your Travel plans looks really awesome!????????????✈ I have some similar destinations in my Bucket list like you – to visit Iceland & to see Northern Lights is my ultimate dream????????❤ Also Positano, it looks so stunning! I am planning 2 trips in October – to Jordan to see Petra, Wadi Rum & Dead Sea & then to India to see Taj Mahal????????????❤ and also to visit Mumbai. I saw your stunning picture from Taj Mahal & it was always my dream to visit it as well???????? I am looking forward to see your amazing pics from your travels!????????✈ xxx Lenka.
    Instagram: thetravellingbeautyqueen

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