Our Highlights in Los Angeles

Our Highlights in Los Angeles

Aloha from Hawaii! I’m currently on the beautiful island Oahu and can hardly wait to share our experiences there with you guys. We also filmed a lot so I’m very excited to share our Hawaii video with you guys 🙂

But first I wanna introduce our Highlights in Los Angeles to you guys: We were there on our way to Hawaii where we sat behind Pierce Brosnan on the airplane. Hence, our trip already started exciting 😀

We stayed in the two most beautiful hotels in Los Angeles: The The Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air.

I’ve stayed before at Hotel Bel-Air and totally fell in love with the hotel back then. You can read my hotel review here. Its interior and exterior are very stylish and the hotel is located (like the name already reveals) in the stunning neighbourhood Bel-Air (which got famous through the serious “The Prince from Bel-Air”). Also this time we were totally in love with the hotel which was also due to the amazing food and glamorous atmosphere.

Also The Beverly Hills Hotel is an absolute dream hotel! Many famous people walk in and out here all the time and even Frank Sinatra was a regular guest there. The pool of the The Beverly Hills Hotel is legendary as well as the breakfast. Furthermore, Beverly Hills belongs next to Bel-Air to the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Los Angeles so you should definitely try to stay there if you’re in LA 🙂

What is also a must in Los Angeles is renting a car. There isn’t a good public transportation in Los Angeles. Therefore, a car in LA is indispensable! We rented a beautiful BMW convertible at Sixt which I can recommend by 100%. We picked up our car right at the airport and also brought it back there before we left. Hence, this not only saved us lots of time but also a lot of money for instance for airport shuttles, UBER etc. Gas is also really cheap in the US compared to Germany. We drove a lot during those four days in LA and in the end only spent $30 on gas, that’s it 😀 Furthermore, driving around at Pacific Coast Highway was tons of fun! Therefore, I can really recommend you renting a car at Sixt if you plan on visiting LA!

Our best experience and absolute highlight in Los Angeles was our Heli Flight over the city. We did this right before sunset and also flew super close to the Hollywood Sign. This was simply breath-taking! If you are trying to find the right heli company you don’t need to look anylonger! Copterpilot is the best and I can recommend these guys 100%!! Book your flight here! We flew with the owner Esteban who is an extremely amazing guy! He also has a stunning Instagram account (@copterpilot) so show him some love and follow his amazing pictures! And of course fly with him if you can 🙂

Another highlight in Los Angeles was the amazing Street Art such as these cool Angel Wings. You can find those in Downtown LA. The address for the GPS is: 453 Colyton St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

My boyfriend and I really fell in love with Los Angeles so we are even thinking about going back there in 1 1/2 weeks (after Hawaii and Bora Bora) 😀

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Have you ever been to Los Angeles? And if so: What were your highlights there?




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