Life Update – My Plans for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Life Update – My Plans for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Because I’ve received quite a lot of comments and emails from sweet readers of you guys lately asking for more personal blog posts I’ve decided to write more of them in the future. So why not start with it right now?! 😀

What are your plans for the Holidays and New Year’s Eve this year?


The holidays are the only time (together with Oktoberfest) where I NEVER travel but rather stay at home with my family in Frankfurt. Christmas with my family looks actually quite similar every year: We prepare everything on the 23rd and in the morning on the 24th of December, around 6pm we go to church, thereafter we are having a nice fondue at home and then we unwrap presents. To me Christmas is always a bit emotional. Family has always been my number one priority so I’m very glad being able to spend Christmas with them every year. A few years ago my grandfather was still among us. He used to live with us and was like a Dad to me. Unfortunately he is not alive anymore and we especially miss him during the holiday season.
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However, another special person has just entered my life: I met an amazing man and have thus been taken for a while now. It is very convenient that he also lives in Frankfurt. Hence, of course I will also spend the holidays with him and I cannot wait to get cosy together 🙂

On Christmas Day we are usually having a nice Christmas breakfast with my family, we usually skip lunch and in the evening we cook a nice Christmas meal together.

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In Germany the day after Christmas is still a holiday were we always go to my favorite restaurant in Frankfurt so no one has to cook or clean the kitchen.

After Christmas and before New Year’s Eve I plan on flying a bit more. I also need to take my yearly Commercial Pilot Licence Check which I plan on taking during that time.


And I will spend New Year’s Eve this year together with my boyfriend and good friends in Dubai. We will stay there for a week and then fly from there to Maldives also for a week. I’m very much looking forward to that because I haven’t been to Maldives for 1 1/2 years now and I’ve never been to Dubai. So all of your Dubai travel tips are welcome 😀


Directly afterwards I got invited by Tahiti Tourism to visit Tahiti. Because the region has been on top of my bucket list for a loooong time I’m super excited for this trip and happy as well that my wish will come true so soon 🙂
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By the way when it comes to wishes: What do you wish on getting for Christmas this year? I’m a very humble person and don’t want anything materialistic. However, I will give this stunning watch to a very special someone. It is from CLUSE and is part of the new La Vedette collection. How do you like it?
I’m wishing you an incredible Christmas time and a beautiful start of the new year 2017 🙂
Please comment what your plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year are 🙂
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