New hotel Velassaru Maldives, Dream Beaches & Dolphins – Maldives Travel Diary Day 5

New hotel Velassaru Maldives, Dream Beaches & Dolphins – Maldives Travel Diary Day 5

This morning we took off to another resort. But we didn’t wanna leave without having breakfast before. The breakfast buffet at Six Senses Laamu is simply amazing!

IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241


Of course we also had to go for some yummy crepes and pancakes with chocolate mango sauce again 😀


I just uploaded a really cool Maldives Drone Video on my new facebook page “pilotmadeleine”. You can watch it here 🙂


IMG_3312 IMG_3313

After breakfast we flew back to Malé. From there we went on a speed boat to our new resort Velassaru. We were so lucky to see dolphins again swimming right next to our boat 😀

IMG_3244 IMG_3245

We were welcomed so nicely at Velassaru 🙂


The stunning view from our room 😀 Again we are staying in a water villa. It is simply a dream!

IMG_3252 (1)IMG_3247 (1) IMG_3248 (1) IMG_3249 (1)

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been so great today. But the colors are still amazing here on Velassaru, even when it’s a bit cloudy.


Here are some more first impressions of the island:

IMG_3253 (1) IMG_3253a IMG_3254 (1) IMG_3256 (2v) IMG_3256a (1) IMG_3257 (1b) IMG_3258 IMG_3259 (3b) IMG_3260 (1b) IMG_3262 (1) IMG_3264 (h1g) IMG_3265 (1b) IMG_3268 (1)IMG_3280 IMG_3269 (1)IMG_3266 (1) IMG_3270 (1)IMG_3282 IMG_3271 (1)

Have a look at these dream beaches 😀

IMG_3324 (1)

There are even many trees of my favorite flowers “Frangipani” on the island 😀


For dinner we sat together with the German hotel manager and the PR & Marketing Manager. Both are wonderful people, and it was super interesting sharing experiences with each other. It always motivates me meeting successful people and hearing about their life stories.


The food on the island is extremely delicious! For all fish lovers you will definitely have the best time on the Maldives.

Tomorrow morning we are having an appointment at the spa which is supposed to be amazing here at Velassaru. I’m super excited and of course I will share my experiences with you guys afterwards 🙂



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