Restaurant Guide – The best Healthy Restaurants in NYC

Restaurant Guide – The best Healthy Restaurants in NYC

When I travel it’s very important to me not giving up eating healthy. In New York that is absolutely no problem because there are so many healthy food options. In this blog post I will outline my Top Ten Healthy Food Places in New York 🙂

To get an idea of what prices you can expect I always added a $ symbol. $ means cheap, $$$$$ means expensive.

1) The Bean: $

IMG_9916 Kopie

From outside this place looks rather inconspicuous. You see mostly people with their laptops sitting at the tables. But I find this kinda atmosphere quite charming. There is free wifi and the food is also quite cheap. And maybe the best we’ve had here in New York. You definitely need to try out one of their acai smoothies (here you can see the “Acai Power Smoothie”). They also have gluten-free bagels which are totally tasty 🙂


“The Bean” is a chain and there are many of them in New York. It’s definitely a secret tip of mine. If you wanna try out the acai don’t go to the one at Union Square as they don’t sell acai there 😉


We’ve visited “The Bean” three times during our stay in New York. That’s also due to their great price-performance ratio.


They also serve such delicious tartlets like these 😀

2) Eataly: $$$


I have an amazing tip for all foodies among you guys: visit Eataly at Madison Square Garden. It’s paradise for all food lovers like myself. At a huge area you can find (almost) everything that the foody heart desires 😀

IMG_8062 IMG_8066IMG_8077 (1)IMG_8079

How amazing do these selfmade noodles look?


You can try taste them directly in the restaurant. My secret tip is the Lobster Pasta… pure pasta porn 😀

3) Gemma Restaurant – Bowery Hotel: $$$


Those that love Italian food will love this place. The restaurant belongs to the Bowery Hotel which is not only special because of the “Mad Men” style but also because of the amazing food there. Definitely order some pizza and a salad. You won’t get enough from either one.


4) Butcher’s Daughter: $$$$


To get a seat during weekend brunch you’ll probably need to wait in line. But it is worth it. The food is extremely yummy, whether you like it sweet or savoury. They have all sorts of juices and smoothies. All of them are really healthy and delicious. I can recommend you ordering some green juice or one of their delicious smoothies.

IMG_9804IMG_6120 (1)

Also the “Eggs Benedict with Avocado Toast” are extremely yummy!

IMG_9805 IMG_9844

The only disadvantage of Butcher’s Daughter is, that the prices are quite expensive. Besides that they try making you pay gratuity twice. Pay attention to not doing that because it’s already been included in the cheque.

5) Refinery Rooftop: $$$


During nice whether there is almost nothing more wonderful than enjoying some delicious food with a stunning skyline view. You have the chance to get both at the rooftop of the Refinery Hotel. I can definitely recommend ordering the “Kale Quinoa Salad” and some french fries. Their fries are totally thin and crunchy.

IMG_9578 (1)

Besides the amazing food the view over Midtown is simply stunning!


6) Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery: $$$$


The restaurant is located at Lafayette Street. The kitchen is French and reaches the high expectations. I can recommend you visiting the restaurant in the evening because the atmosphere at night is really one of a kind. The service is great too. The prices are a bit higher so it’s rather a restaurant for a special occasion.


7) Whole Foods & Dean & Deluca: $$$


Especially the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle belongs to my absolute favorite food places in New York. So many times I’ve take out some food from the salad buffet and ate it at Central Park. The selection of fruit, salads, meat etc. is simply amazing!

IMG_9863 IMG_9864

Unfortunately Whole Foods isn’t really cheap. Especially the packed fruit is quite expensive. When I lived in New York I bought my entire fruit on the streets of New York. It is much cheaper for sure and great too 🙂


Similar to Whole Foods you can find a great selection of healthy fast food at Dean & Deluca. It’s also great to take it with you on the go. The nicest Dean & Deluca is located on Broadway in SoHo. You can just make a short stop there while shopping or take some food out.


8) Two Hands: $$


Another great brunch place is Two Hands between SoHo and China Town in New York. The prices are quite cheap. And the best is that they also offer acai bowls.

IMG_0133 IMG_0134

I ordered the “Rainbow Salad”. All salads there are totally tasty.


Besides that I can really recommend the delicious acai bowls and the cool drinks such as the “Matcha Ice Tea” or the “Green Juice”.

9) Haru: $$

IMG_7063 (1)

For all Sushi lovers this is your restaurant. Not only are the prices are quite cheap (also in the evening) the atmosphere is great too. And their sushi is amazing! I can recommend ordering some edamame as a starter. Most delicious source of protein ever!


10) KTCHN: $$$


We had the best salad during our stay in New York at KTCHN in Midtown. I wouldn’t call call this restaurant overly healthy but they have many healthy meal options such as this amazing Kale Peanut Chicken Salad. Seriously the best salad ever. Both Xenia and I couldn’t get enough of it!


How did you like my  New York Restaurant Guide? I hope there were some great tips for some of you 🙂

Definitely let me know if you’ve visited any of the places and how you liked it 😉



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