Top of the Rock & meeting Tuulavintage – NYC Travel Diary Day 10

Top of the Rock & meeting Tuulavintage – NYC Travel Diary Day 10

“Leaving NYC is like breaking up with someone you love”. Tomorrow around this time I will already sit in the airplane from JFK to FRA. A good chance to reflect upon our wonderful time here in NYC. It feels like I’ve fallen in love again with the city of my dreams.

Xenia and I tried to take full advantage of our time here. Hence, here are today’s highlights:


Top of the Rock


There aren’t many nicer places to watch the sunset in NYC then from the top of the Rockefeller Center. I’ve been on top of there many years ago. But I wanted to see it again so we kept this highlight for our last day here in NYC. And this proved to be the right decision 😀

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Meeting Tuulavintage


One of my personal highlights of this trip was meeting the lovely Jessica Stein from met her on Top of the Rock and got to talk to her for quite a while. She is a huge idol of mine, as she is actually one of the reasons why I started my travel blog. Jessica is not only a sweetheart, she’s also a super inspirational person. She works really hard and is living her dream. That’s exactly my idea of life 🙂 Jessica, it was a real pleasure meeting you! ♡



IMG_9567 (1)

I wanna take the chance to tell you Xenia what a wonderful time I had with you here in New York. Everything was very spontaneously. For instance I booked my flight only one week prior departure. But sometimes you gotta be sponatenous to experience amazing things 🙂 Thank you so much sweety for this wonderful trip ♡

IMG_6397 (1) IMG_9923 (1) IMG_5402 IMG_0438

Tomorrow we’ll already be heading home 🙁 I’m bery sad but of course also super excited for my next destination 😉 The last days here in NYC have been very cold. So I’m super excited visiting a warm place next 🙂


Wishing you a wonderful day!

With love from NYC ♡


| Red leather jacket: Forever21 |

| Sweater: Skull Cashmere or the same in grey |

| Pants: gina tricot |

| Beige Boots |

| Black hat: Edited |

| Black glitter dress: Nelly |

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