My Secret Tips for Oktoberfest

My Secret Tips for Oktoberfest


Living in Munich visiting the Oktoberfest is a must. For me it’s also a great possibility to see my friends again; especially those that don’t live in Munich.

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My favorite tent is the „Schützenfestzelt“. The crowd there is young (not too young) and I always meet people I know just by chance there.

My Secret Tips for Oktoberfest:

1. Wear a Dirndl or Lederhosen

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| Blue Dirndl: Lodenfrey |

Only tourists come in regular clothing. So if you wanna fit in invest in a Dirndl oder Lederhosen. You can by them for cheap on Ebay or in the outlets here in Munich.

2. Don’t wear High Heels

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I’ve made the mistake before and regretted it deeply 😛 Ballerinas or sneakers are the much better option when visiting Oktoberfest. You wanna be able to dance at the table without hurting yourself 😛 If you’re a girl bringing some blister plasters is also a great idea.

3. Bring enough cash

In the tents you can only pay with cash. There are some ATMs at the Wiesn, but there is always such a huge line in front of them that you really wanna take out some cash before visiting Oktoberfest.

4. Go for a ride with the Ferris Wheel

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This is my number one secret tip for you guys. I always thought riding the ferris wheel is only for elderly people. However, the view you have from up there is simply breathtaking.

5. Don’t drink too much Beer

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At the Wiesn you normally only get 1 liter mugs. 1 liter beer is a lot for somebody who normally doesn’t drink. Therefore, I recommend you to first share a „Maß“ or just drink „Radler“ instead. Radler is a mixture of lemonade and beer and it’s very refreshing. I only drink Radler as I like the taste much better than regular beer.

6. Don’t feel guilty eating Pretzels, „Kaiserschmarrn“ and co

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I’m a huge supporter of healthy food, but at special occassions I don’t try to eat clean. Oktoberfest is such a special occassion for me. The food there is also extremely delicious so you shouldn’t miss out on trying it.
From my experience you burn so many calories dancing and walking around at Oktoberfest anyways, that you can totally indulge in some Oktoberfest goodies 😀

7. Try to go there during the Week

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Not everyone has this option, but for those that do: I can totally recommend you to visit Oktoberfest during the week. The weekends are normally very crowded. Especially around lunch time during the week it’s nice to sit outside in the beer gardens without many people surrounding yourself. I’m a huge fan of the beer gardens anways, especially when the weather is nice.

8. Try to stay with friends or find an Accommodation via Airbnb

Hotels can be extremely expensive during Oktoberfest. I can recommend you to stay with friends (if you have some in Munich) or find a place via Airbnb. That will be much cheaper most of the times. Another plus is that you’ll probably end up with a nice host that can show you the best spots of Munich.

9. Watch your Belongings


I’ve never gotten anything stolen at Oktoberfest, neither did my friends. However, my boyfriend lost our keys last time at Oktoberfest. It almost cost us 400€ having somebody open our door. Of course it was at night too which is even more expensive.
Soooo… it’s really important paying attention to your belongings when being surrounded by so many people.

10. Visit the „Oide Wiesn“

The Oide Wiesn (old Wiesn) is a replica of Oktoberfest how it used to be back in the days. For instance beer is served in mugs. Because you need to pay an entrance fee of 3€ not many people go there. Hence, the tents are much less crowded compared to the regular Wiesn.

The Oide Wiesn is right next to the regular Oktoberfest, so you can simply stop by while visiting the normal Wiesn.

Has anyone of you ever been to Oktoberfest? If not you should definitely visit if you have a chance ☺



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