My Greece Outfits

My Greece Outfits

Hi lovelies,

after quite a while I’m publishing another Fashion Blog Post as highly requested by many of you. You can find the links of all of my Greece outfits below the related picture. So just click on it and you’ll get there automatically 🙂

By the way it’s worth it checking my blog a bit more frequently from now on because there are some really interesting blog posts coming up: The next one will be about my “COVID Travel Tips” and another one about my “Greece Travel Tips” in general.

If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment and don’t hesitate to ask if you want me to publish any other links 🙂

I ordered most of my Greece oufits from my four favorite online shops: ASOS, NA-KD, Hellomolly and Showpo.

My ASOS Outfits:

I felt like Cinderella in this stunning blue dress. It’s the perfect outfit for a special occasion such as a wedding. It actually has become one of my favorite dresses. You can order it HERE.

Another favorite dress of mine is THIS ONE. Unfortunately you cannot see it from the front here which is super stunning! You can also get the dress is a beautiful pink color. It was super hard for me to choose. So just have a look at it HERE.

My last ASOS dress was this beautiful mint one. I felt like a Greek goddess wearing it. You can order it HERE.

My NA-KD Outfits:

I order clothes from NA-KD almost every month because they have an amazing selection. For those of you following me on Instagram you might have recognized my monthly NA-KD Fashion Hauls. I actually just published one in my Instagram Stories so feel free to check it out 🙂 You should be quick though! I received a discount code for you guys which is unfortunately only valid until Tuesday. Via my code PILOT15 you get 15% off your entire NA-KD order (also those outfits I’m going to show you now) so make sure to take advantage of it before this offer will expire:

My current absolute favorite dress is this dream dress in white. I love those stunning details such as the see-through cover skirt. Because I love it so much I also bought it in black. You can order it HERE (15% off via my discount code PILOT15). By the way this dress is also available in a shorter version, which I find very beautiful as well 🙂

Some of you also asked me about this bikini. You can find the bikini top HERE and the bikini bottom HERE.

I also ordered my striped dress via NA-KD. Unfortunately I was not able to find the direct link anymore. Probably because it’s sold out 🙁 However, HERE you can find many other beautiful striped dresses. This one for instance has very similar colors and is also really cute. By the way you can find my sandals HERE. I love them and they are not only comfy but also very cute 🙂

My Hello Molly Oufits:

Hellomolly is one of my absolute favorite online shops. You can find many special outfits there which I cannot get in Germany or Malta. Therefore, I usually order from there before I go on a longer trip.

When I saw this dress I though it’s the perfect dress for Greece. You can shop it HERE.

This top is from Hello Molly. My shorts are from Levi’s and you can find them via NA-KD HERE (15% discount via my code PILOT15).

Also this blue dream dress is from Hellomolly. Unfortunately I just saw that it’s sold out 🙁 Maybe they will restock it. Otherwise you can find many other stunning dresses HERE via Hellomolly.

My pink top which I wore in Santorini is also from Hellomolly. Unfortunately you cannot see it that well here so you should check it out on their page because it is very cute! My sandals are from Buffalo via About You. I love them and wore them almost every day in Santorini. They handled the stairs very well 😀 You can order them HERE 🙂

My Showpo Outfits:

I also order sometimes from Showpo before my trips. I think that Hellomolly has a bit nicer outfits but I also found some really beautiful dresses before my Greece trip on Showpo:

This one is the dress which I wore on our first night in Mykonos. I really fell in love with those beautiful colors. You can find this dreamdress HERE.

Also this dress has beautiful colors. You can order it HERE.

By the way Hellomolly and Showpo are Australian online shops. I order from them quite often because they have really nice dresses. However, I sometimes need to pay custom taxes and the return is also not free. If you don’t wanna take this risk you should rather order from ASOS or NA-KD because shipping + returns are free there 🙂

Many of you asked for this cute dotted one-piece. You can find it HERE via Amazon. You might be suprised about this but I sometimes find some really nice outfits on Amazon.

Do you like such fashion blog posts? And which one was you favorite oufit? I’d love to hear that!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!



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