Our Babyshower

Our Babyshower

Hi lovelies,

in order to kill some before our baby is here I wanna pass one of the most beautiful days in 2018 in review: Our Babyshower πŸ™‚

Many of you asked me what a Babyshower actually is. A Babyshower is some kind of celebration before the baby will arrive. The parents are “showered” with luck and you wish them the best for the delivery of their baby. The concept of having a Babyshower is more common in the US than in Germany though. However, we thought it was a really cute idea so we decided to have one shortly before Christmas. The best part of is was having our loved ones together at one place.

I need to admit that beforehand I was quite nervous because I’ve never been to a baby shower and of course I wanted it to be a really beautiful day for our guests and for us. Iqbal’s and my family actually met there for the first time. I’ve know his family since the beginning and Iqbal mine. However, since we travel so much it has never worked out before that they actually met.

We would have never expected though that the occasion would be so emotional and the meeting of our families so beautiful. Our Dads even hugged each other in the end…haha! It was really cute πŸ™‚ My little niece Alia was also there who will soon become cousin Alia.

We really had the most amazing guests at our Babyshower. Some of them even came from far away which we really appreciated so much. It was our best gift getting to spend the afternoon with them.

Also the location could not have been any better! We celebrated at the Saal Ludwig Erhard at the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. It was not only beautiful but the size was also perfect! We didn’t wanna rent an entire ballroom but we still wanted the room to have a special atmosphere. Hence, the location was simply perfect for us! Saal Ludwig Erhard is very luxurious but still very cozy. It also has a winter garden next to it where we offered a really yummy buffet for our guests. Good food is always really important to me and the food at our Babyshower was excellent.

It was really funny that our reception committee was actually the entire Bayern Munich Soccer team πŸ˜€ By coincidence they stayed at Villa Kennedy the day of our Babyshower because they had a match against Eintracht Frankfurt. My Dad was really astonished when he saw Hummels, MΓΌller, RibΓ©ry und Co. walking towards us πŸ˜€ For sure all men were really impressed by it…haha.

By the way we received the tip with the Villa Kennedy from Jeannette ofΒ Prime Moments. She was the wedding planner of the dream wedding of friends of ours in Mykonos. Jeannette is an amazing wedding planner and she will probably also help us plan our dream wedding πŸ™‚

I also received from her the tip of letting our invites and table cards printed at Herz & Co. Vienna. The cards are pressed, thus, they have this special vintage style and look super luxurious. I’ve actually never seen such beautiful invites! Hence, this tip was also worth a mint. We even framed one of the invites and it’s hanging in the nursery of our baby now. I think we will also have Herz & Co. Vienna design and print his birth announcement because they are just the best πŸ™‚

Much praise must also go to the decoration team of our Babyshower: Blossomboulevard. Beforehand I sent them some inspos and they turned my ideas into reality so well. Everyone loved the decoration at our babyshower. They even came from Cologne and set up everything and also removed the decoration afterwards. Blossomboulevard are a big tip of mine if you are planning something similar.

We by the way had even two Cakes at our Babyshower πŸ˜€ They not only looked amazing they also were super delicious! A big thank you goes also to the confectioner of Villa Kennedy which brought my ideas into life.

One of the highlights at our babyshower was painting onesies. A good girlfriend of mine organized it and our guests had a lot of fun being creative! We will send our guests pictures of our baby wearing them when he is here. I think that is such a cute idea πŸ™‚

Another highlight was the speech of my Dad which brought many of us to tears.

Iqbal and I also revealed the name of our Baby atour Babyshower which was a nice surprise for many. We will reveal it to you guys soon too πŸ˜‰

For sure our son is very lucky that he is expected by so many wonderful people πŸ™‚ We are already now looking forward to showing him the pictures of his Babyshower when he is older and telling him all about it.



P.s: Because so many of you guys asked: You can find my Babyshower Dress HERE πŸ™‚

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