My Impressions from Peru

My Impressions from Peru

Have you ever been to South America or Peru? I’ve been to Brazil many years ago but it’s the only country in South America that I’ve visited so far. Hence, I was super excited when I reveived the offer by Visit Peru to travel to Peru 🙂

Together with a photographer and my friend Xenia (@xeniaoverdose) we were able to travel to Peru for one week. The campaign consisted of showing us the undiscovered places of Peru. Almost everyone knows Machu Picchu and almost every tourist who visits Peru also stops by Machu Picchu. However, Peru has so much more to offer! What exactly? I wanna show you in this blog post 🙂

My first Impression of Peru was that the country is super green and beautiful! The mountains in Peru are simply breath-taking! We visited places where we were often felt like being the only tourists there 😀 Furthermore, the People in Peru are extremely friendly! Even though Spanish is the main language there many peruvians also speak English. Furthermore, Peru has extremely friendly and open minded people 🙂

I especially loved the Amazonas. One of our accomodations was the Gocta Andes Lodge which is located in the middle of the mountains. We had breakfast there every morning along with a view over a nice pool and a majestic waterfall. Where can you have something like this please?!? 😀

One day we even hiked to this Waterfall named Catarata Gocta. Even though this hike was quite exhausting is was definitely worth it because the waterfall was simply stunning 🙂

Because there are so many beautiful Mountains in Peru there are also many nice hiking trails. To me hiking is always my favorite thing to do when I’m in the mountains 🙂

I was also positively surprised by Lima! You can find many nice rooftop pools there such as the one on top of Hilton Miraflores,

…great markets…

…as well as beautiful beaches 🙂 We were initially planning to do Paragliding along Lima’s coast. Unfortunately we had to cancel this because there was not enough wind that day. Nevertheless, Lima really left a great impression on myself 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed Peru! It’s such a diverse and beautiful country! I was just a bit sad that we couldn’t visit Machu Picchu on this trip 🙁 Thus, Xenia and I decided to come back in August together with our boyfriends when us four also going to visit Machu Picchu 😀

Have you ever been to South America or Peru?



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