20 Random Facts About Us – Valentine’s Day Special

20 Random Facts About Us – Valentine’s Day Special

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! No matter if you are single or (hopefully happily) taken: I’m wishing you an amazing day today 🙂 What are your plans for today?

I’m currently in Malaysia with my boyfriend. It is our first Valentine’s Day together. Hence, it is really something special for us. Although everday we get so spend together is special for us. I believe you shouldn’t just pay attention to a person on a special day but rather everday 😉

Because you guys liked my last blog post about my new relationshpi so much (read it here) and wanted to find out more about him back then, here are 20 Random Facts About Us:

1) We met on facebook.

2) We both assumed the other person is a fake profile 😀 Madeleine though this about Iqbal because he had so many perfect model pics on his account. Iqbal thought this about Madeleine because she is a pilot.

3) Initially Iqbal assumed that Madeleine has a Sugar Daddy because he first saw pictures like this one and didn’t know she was a travel blogger 😛

4) We are both from Frankfurt. Iqbal still lives there. Madeleine lives in Munich at the moment but her parents also live in Frankfurt.

5) Our first trip was to India where Iqbal worked and lived for three months.

6) We’ve already visited five places together: India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Maldives and Malaysia.

7) We’ve only been together for three months but it feels much longer because we spend so much time together.

8) We would love to move in our own apartment together soon.

9) Iqbal works as a full-time model but will also study business the upcoming fall semester.

10) As a child Iqbal wanted to become a professional NBA player.

11) We have a totally different taste of music: Madeleine likes listening to House and Indie music, Iqbal prefers listening to Hip Hop & RNB.

12) We both eat super healthy although Iqbal doesn’t need too watch his what he eats which Madeleine does 😀

13) We are both gym freaks and work out together almost ever day.

14) Iqbal is a bit of a jealous type, Madeleine not at all 😛

15) We share the same opinion about relationships and cheating and care for each other a lot.

16) Our first date was in Frankfurt.

17) Our first kiss was at Oktoberfest.

18) We have the same black humour 😀

19) We’d love to spend together 24 hours and are almost never annoyed of each other.

20) If we ever get a girl together we would name her Marie-Claire. We are not sure about a guy name though 😀

What is a random fact about your relationship? Or how did you meet? I always find this very interesting 🙂



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