Cappadocia Travel Diary Day 2 – Balloons, Pool with a View & Kelebek Cave Hotel

Cappadocia Travel Diary Day 2 – Balloons, Pool with a View & Kelebek Cave Hotel

Hi lovelies,

my first Cappadocia blog post (read it here) has become so popular among you guys that I also wanna show you our pictures from our last days in fairytale land now. These were our Highlights:

Breakfast with Balloons


Also on our last two days we had breakfast with a view of the balloons. This was always an absolute highlight for me and I will definitely still remember it many many years from now 🙂

FullSizeRender(1)IMG_0613 IMG_2019IMG_1152IMG_1875 IMG_2022

Sunset Views


Because we’ve already went on a balloon ride (read our blogpost here) the past days it was more interesting for us being directly in the place where the balloons lift of. We found a little hill where we had an amazing sunset view over the balloons. Getting up early was definitely worth it 😀

IMG_0721IMG_0991 IMG_0749 IMG_2059 IMG_2032 IMG_2060 IMG_0699 IMG_2076 IMG_0761 IMG_2080



My secret tip for you guys is watching the Zelve Mapping show. It’s some kind of movie where the story of Cappadocia is explained via mappings on typcial stones in Cappadocia. Some dramatic music is playing along and because it is dark outside it is a bit scary 😛 But I totally love this feeling and I can definitely recommend Zelve Mapping especially to all horror fans 😀

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Jet Boat Ride


Who would have thought that you could get on a jet boat ride in dry Cappadocia. But yes, it’s possible. But you should be some kind of adrenaline junkie because it is not any boat ride but a really fast speed boat ride with steep turns etc. We did it during sunset and it was an incredible feeling which I can recommend to every adrenaline junkie 🙂

1Y5A6154 1Y5A6162

New Hotel – Kelebek Cave Hotel

IMG_0587 IMG_0239 IMG_0569 (1) IMG_0586

It was really convenient that our second hotel, the Kelebek Cave Hotel, is directly next to our first hotel. Although I liked our first hotel a bit more because the atmosphere was more family like there, Keleb Cave Hotel has a beautiful pool which is also really nice. So it definitely makes sense to combine both hotels which is possible without much effort 🙂


Finally I can say that Cappadocia really impressed me and has definitely become one of my Top 10 Destinations. An update of that will be online soon as well as my Top 10 Tipps for Cappadocia 🙂

How do you like our pictures and do also you wanna travel to Cappadocia now? 🙂




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