New Relationship Status

New Relationship Status

Hi lovelies,

because I have been asked so many time why I haven’t posted any pictures with Michael for quite some time I feel like I owe you an explanation: The simple reason for that is that we’ve (for some time now) have not been together anymore. So I’m single again.


Breaking up wasn’t easy for us. We’ve been together for almost three years, had a wonderful time together, went on beautiful trips as a couple and reached a lot of our goals during our relationship. I for instance did not have Instagram, YouTube or my Blog when we started dating. Also my successful MBA is (among other things) due to Michael’s support. In his case he was one of the few people who were actually able to get a pilot job quite quickly after finishing flight school. He has even gotten already the second pilot job now. I’m super proud of what we have all achieved together. We’ve always supported each other and that was also what our relationship was all about.

I don’t wanna talk about the exact reasons for our breakup (no, no one cheated on the other person and nothing bad happened!) I still have the highest respect for Michael. He is an amazing person with the biggest heart ever! I hope (and believe we can do it) to still remain good friends. That’s also why I won’t delete any of our pictures because we had a great time and the pictures also remind us of those good times.


Of course this breakup doesn’t leave me cold. You don’t get over three wonderful years that easily. I’m definitely a relationship person. That’s why it is a bit unusual for me to be single again. However, I’ve also always been happy as a single and you gotta see the positive sides of being single: I for instance always wanted to move to Hawaii for a few months. I only didn’t do it because I didn’t wanna leave my boyfriend alone for such a long time. Now I’m probably just gonna do it in fall. I believe it’s important to always see the positive sides of every situation 😉

Finally I wanna share a quote of Buddha with you guys that I’ve just read. It might help the one or the other of you who is in a similar situation as I am right now:




  • Michele
    Posted at 10:08h, 14 August Reply

    All Airlines in USA are hiring. American Airlines, Jet Blue is a great company. I have a female friend who has been flying with them and can’t say enough how great a company Jet Blue is. They have a large facility in Orlando. I’m sure you may know this,. I used to be a flight attendant in the 80’s. Thank you. Chele’

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach
      Posted at 05:38h, 16 August Reply

      Yes, I know… the US market is much better job wise than the European market. The only problem is that in the US the FAA requires at least 1500 flying hours. As a cadet this is not possible so you need to be in the army or work as a flight instructor before you can start applying for airlines in the US 🙁 But thank you dear!

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