Island Hopping, sweet Animals & Excursions – Palawan Travel Diary Day 3 – 5

Island Hopping, sweet Animals & Excursions – Palawan Travel Diary Day 3 – 5

Hi lovelies,

we only had limited internet the past days. Hence, I couldn’t post a new blog post. However, it is incredible how much we’ve experienced the past three days with 8 Days Palawan Experience. So far I’m really happy about this trip and can recommend the program 100%. I was promised to get a discount code for you guys 🙂 It will follow at the end of our trip along with a detailed review about 8 Days Palawan Experience.


Here are our Highlights from the past 3 days:

Island Hopping


We are a lot on a boat in order to explore different islands in Palawan. It’s incredible how many stunning places there are in Palawan. Many totally different islands who are all really beautiful!


We are always going around via Philippine boats (so no speed boats but rather local boats including a local crew) which I find great! Besides that you also support the region which I always find super important while traveling.


We always have breakfast, lunch and dinner either on the boat or at the beach. The chef really is amazing and the food is delicious 🙂 I’m anyways positively surprised by the Philippine cuisine that is totally light and yummy! Beforehand I was really worried I would have to eat shark or other crazy things 😛 Haha


We visited the following Islands on Palawan the past days:

Black Island

IMG_6839 IMG_6973 IMG_6831 IMG_6909 IMG_6844IMG_7027

This stunning island really made me speechless 😀 I’ve hardly ever seen such a stunning place. The water is crystal clear on Black Island and the reef there is great for snorkling or diving. Many TV shows have been filmed there such as the Survivor. This doesn’t surprise me as Black Island is really tropical 😀

IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0470

We also filmed with the drone on this island 🙂


Dibutuney Island

IMG_5793 IMG_5768IMG_5848 IMG_5952 IMG_5766

One of the most beautiful islands on Palawan is Dibutuney Island. I especially like the different colors on the island such as green or turquoise (my favorite color).

IMG_6797IMG_6793 IMG_6792

In the afternoon you feel like you’re in the Maldives 😀

vlcsnap-2016-02-22-03h16m31s164 (1) vlcsnap-2016-02-22-03h20m00s181 (2) vlcsnap-2016-02-22-03h35m07s18

In the evening the colors are even richer and more beautiful 😀 Also on Dibutuney Island we filmed a lot with our drone. First right before sunset…

IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0464

… then in the afternoon where the sun was the highest. It almost looks like there are two different islands 😀


Lusong Reef


For snorkling Lusong Reef is a great place! You can find even more beautiful corals there like in the Maldives 😀


Panlaitan Island


This island is normally not open for tourists, unless you know someone living there 😉 It is a fisherman’s island where fishermen and their families live (in rather simple conditions). However, Panlaitan Island even has a school and is totally independent. Hence, I was really impressed by everything! Hence, I find it amazing that 10% of the sales of 8 Days Palawan Experience are donated to this island 🙂


Palawan Sunsets


The sunsets on Palawan are really stunning and look totally different every day 🙂

IMG_6204 (2) IMG_6337 IMG_5669 IMG_6313 IMG_6216

Sweet animals


We get to see tons of cute animals here in the Philippines such as pigs, dogs etc.

IMG_6163 IMG_6143 IMG_6520IMG_6444 IMG_6460 IMG_6428

Btw the dogs we’ve seen here are no strayers. Almost every island has a care taker who often have dogs and puppies. These dogs have such a beautiful life like no other dog in Germany. Hence, you don’t need to worry about them 😉

IMG_5646 IMG_5654 IMG_5667

You also see many pigs here 😀




We spent one night on the lovely island Dibutuney. Camping here is not like camping back home. You sleep in tents directly at the beach which has the disadvantage that you can watch the sunrise and sunset directly from your tent 🙂


The crew sleeps on the boat and prepares the guest such a yummy breaky in the morning 😀


However, camping at 8 Days Palawan Experience is optional. Hence, it is no must 😉 Because camping is not for everyone 😛

vlcsnap-2016-02-22-03h20m00s181 (2)

Besides that I’m really excited about 8 Days Palawan Experience and I’m really looking forward to the next 3 days here in paradise 🙂


For all those wondering how I’ve experienced the Philippines as a country: First of all the people here are amazing! All of them are super friendly and have a positive attitude towards life. Besides that I’ve experienced the Philippines as a quite developed country. Of course you first get a culture shock in Manila leaving the airport as there is lots of traffic and smog in the city 😛 However, Palawan is exactly the opposite! All islands are totally untouched and beautiful 🙂 Hence, I’m sure this wasn’t our last Palawan vacation.

If you have any questions let me know 🙂



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