My current Fitness & Diet Routine

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (you can find me via "pilotmadeleine1") might have recognized that I follow quite a tough fitness plan at the moment. And also when it comes to my diet I really pay attention to what I eat at the moment. Because I believe that fitness and nutrition simply belong togehter! One thing alone is not as effective as both...


Your Top 10 Blogposts in January + Surprise

Hi lovelies, in January I had tons of fun with you guys due to your sweet comments and the great atmosphere on my blog. And how amazing is it that we hit over 150k Unique Visitors in January :D More precisely it was 161.463 Unique Visitors!! That is really so much, especially because I only have been blogging since October 2015 :D So thanks a mil...


10 Tips against Food Cravings

Hi lovelies, just a while ago I wrote a blogpost with weight loss tipps (you can read it here). After this I've received many questions how one can prevent food cravings. Hence, today I wanna give you 10 tips on how to best deal with food gravings. Of course I also have such hunger attacks sometimes. But that is all not so bad if you know...


Your Top 10 Blog Posts in December

Hi loves, somehow I totally forgot to you show an overview with your 10 favorite blog posts in December. I cannot thank you guys enough for your amazing support! In December there were 90,000 unique visitors on my blog (even though my blog was down for maintenance for one week). That is really so much, especially since I only started blogging in October 2015 :D Therefore,...


My 10 best Weight Loss Tips

Many of you might have the New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds in 2016. Also I have phases sometimes (especially after vacations where I normally don't pay much attention to eating clean) when I wanna lose a bit weight. Today I'm going to give you a few tips on how you can reach your goals in a more effective and healthy way. My 10 best...


Healthy Lifestyle – How it all began

On all of my Social Media pages and my Blog clean eating and fitness play a very important role. I have discovered the healthy lifestyle quite some time ago when I was in High School. I have always been very athletic but I did not pay that much attention to healthy food when I was younger. Like many teenagers I loved fast food and any...


My Top 10 Instagram Accounts

Hi lovelies, I've been asked to reveal my favorite Instagram account. Hence, today you can find a list of mine. Of course there are many more amazing Instagram accounts but those were the first that came to my mind :) I've divided them into different categories so you can get a better idea whether they are something for you ;) If you want me to I can...


My Diet Routine

Hi lovelies, I already wrote a detailed blogpost about my Fitness Routine (read about it here). Hence, today I wanna talk with you about my Diet Routine. I strongly believe that in order to really succeed sport and diet need to be in balance. This means that only through the right nutrition or only via intensive sport you won't reach high goals. For instance it is not...


Maddi feautured in SHAPE & VOGUE

Hi lovelies, this blog post is not about seeking attention. But not everyone has the option reading my current article in the SHAPE magazine or the one 10 months back in VOGUE. Hence, here you can find the articles, for all those that are interested ;) "@pilotmadeleine Nice to look at are the pictures of the Munich girl who mostly posts sporty pictures from home and from...


10 Tips for more Motivation in Sports

Also I have days where I hardly wanna leave my bed and don't feel like working out. Especially in winter, when it's cold outside, I often rather wanna stay at home and cuddle with my cuddly blanket in front of the television. Here are some of my motivation tips for you guys. They will help you to motivate yourself and to have find fun again in...



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