List for your Hospital Bag

List for your Hospital Bag

Hi lovelies,

because labor & delivery of our boy is coming up very soon (basically it could happen any day now) I’ve for a long time thought about what to bring to the hospital. Being a first time Mom I had zero clue what to pack. Hence, I watched quite a few YouTube videos and also used the question function on Instagram (I love it) and those are the things which have been been mentioned most. Btw I tried to find the links for the exact products I’ve chosen so just click on them 🙂

Are there some pregnant women among my readers? And if so: When is your expected due date?



Things for Baby:

Things for Mommy:

Things for Daddy:

  • Snacks
  • Eventually blanket & pillow
  • Changing oufit
  • Enough underwear
  • Phone charger & powerbank
  • Eventually camera
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