New Destination in 2019 – China

New Destination in 2019 – China

Hi lovelies,

here is my first blog post in 2019. I hope you had a great start of the new year and I’m wishing you the most wonderful and amazing year 2019! 🙂

We are currently making travel plans for 2019. Of course everything is still a bit open as we first need to see whether our little boy likes traveling as much as we do. However, a few destinations are very high up on our bucket list; one of them is China. Have you ever been there? I’ve always wanted to walk along the Chinese Wall, see some wild panda bears, visit a real Chinese temple etc.

I’ve actually already been to China but unfortunately always very briefly when I flew via Hongkong to another destination (for instance Bali). For sure the airport in Hongkong is really amazing (with the big mountains in the background etc.). It has made me even more curious to visit this beautiful city and explore more of China. To all China fans: What are places I really need to visit in China?

In November we had a real special event in Berlin where we got introduced to the destination China. It was the “Land Your Dream” Event of Air China. Find out more about the Land Your Dream concept of Air China HERE .

It was a really wonderful evening and we found out so much about the fascinating culture of China. For instance there was a live cooking station where super yummy Chinese food was prepared for us, there was a Chinese tea corner, an imitation of the Chinese Wall and much more amazing things. After the event I literally would have loved to jump on the next airplane and finally visit China myself 😀

Inspired by the prior evening we visited the Chinese Garden of the “Gardens of the World” in Berlin the next day which was really beautiful! It’s definitely a secret tip of mine to go there when you are visiting Berlin 🙂

For sure we are now very much looking forward to hopefully visiting China this year 🙂



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