My first Coachella + my Outfits

My first Coachella + my Outfits

Hi lovelies,

we just got back from California where we spent our first Coachella. Today I wanna tell you about my impressions there and also give you a few details to my outfits 🙂

For those who don’t know what Coachella really is: Coachella is a music festival which takes place once a year (on two weekends) near Palm Springs in the USA. Especially the past few years is has become more and more popular, you can find many famous people there and the hype about Coachella is real! We for instance saw Leonardo Di Caprio, Rita Ora and many Victoria’s Secret models just walking by us. Coachella also has become super popular in the fashion world because everyone puts so much effort into their outfits and pictures from there are shared world wide. I really love the bohemian style and it is super fun watching people there. Furthermore, there are many amazing acts performing at Coachella. This year the lineup included Beyonce, Eminem, Kygo & Odessa. I especially loved the performances of Kygo and Odessa!

Unfortunately Coachella has been critized quite a lot this year. Some people feel that it has gotten too commercial. Some others think it is more a show off and not so much about the music anymore. Some others critisize that you find mostly women there who have gotten a lot of plastic surgery and that “normal” women feel intimitaded by them. Even though I find it completely fine to express your honest opinion my experience was a different one: I haven’t had so much fun for a looong time! It was so nice seeing so many familiar faces of whom I saw many for the first time. Most music acts very extremely good and I’ve hardly ever danced that freely. We took most of our pictures right before sunset. Before that the sun was too bright and afterwards it was too dark. Therfore, most of the time we simply enjoyed being there 🙂 And honestly: My boyfriend and I had so much fun watching all those half naked plastic girls 😛 I feel if you have enough self-esteem that shouldn’t be an issue 😉 But like mentioned earlier: Everyone should be able to express his or her honest opinion. It was my first Coachella and we enjoyed it so much that we will definitely come back next year 🙂

I also have a few tips for you guys if you wanna visit Coachella yourself:

1) Get your tickets very early

The earlier you order your tickets the cheaper they are. There is only a limited amount of tickets available and a few weeks before the prices on the black market become so high it is crazy! There are two different kinds of tickets: General admission tickets and VIP tickets. We were there with a few German brands so we were verylucky that they got us VIP tickets. If you can afford them I would definitely get them. Not only that you will see tons of famous people in the VIP area it is also much less crowded. Thus, you won’t need to stay in line for food, toilets etc. Furthermore, there are also seating areas so you can relax in between shows a bit etc.

2) Take some desinfection spray with you

Many toilets on the festival grounds are not in a good condition so I can recommend you to take some desinfection spray with you. Although I was very surprised that in the VIP area there were actually real restrooms because I was quite worried about that beforehand 😛

3) Think about your outfits at home

Honestly we were already in Palm Springs when I thought about my Coachella outfits in more detail. Thus, I was super stressed out because I for instance only found matching shoes one day before we left 😛 So do yourself a favor and think about your outfits beforehand. Even better to already choose three different outfits before: One for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.

4) The food at Coachella is really good but not very cheap

I was positively surprised how amazing the food at Coachella really was. We for instance always had “Vegan Grain Bowls” and for dessert “Acai Bowls”. There were various healthy and even vegan food options on the festival grounds. Unfortunately the food was not very cheap but at least there were many good options 🙂

5) You can meet most bloggers right before sunset at the ferry’s wheel

A secret tip of mine: If you wanna meet your favorite bloggers wait shortly before sunset at the ferry’s wheel (it’s in the normal and not the VIP area). With a big possibility you will meet your favorite bloggers there beause everyone wants to take nice pictures 😉 I was also super happy that I got approached by so many of you there 🙂

6) Take some comfortable shoes with you

An important tip of mine: Bring some comforable shoes with you. Because either if you come by UBER or by car the drop off points of parking spots are quite far away from the festival grounds so you probably need to walk for at least half an hour. Furthermore, you probably wanna dance a lot so bring some comfortable shoes 😉

7) Bring an empty bottle with you

Food and drinks are quite expensive at Coachella and you are not allowed to bring full bottles with you. However, there are water fountains were you can always fill up your bottles. So for cheap people like me just bring an empty bottle and always fill it up 😉 You save lots of money and time this way 😀

Like you wished for I’m now going to introduce all of my Coachella outfits to you guys. Btw I always put the direct links to all outfits I’m wearing in my Shop my Instagram. So it is definitely worth it stopping by there sometimes 🙂

Outfit: Coachella Day 1

On my first day I wanted to wear shorts and a kimono because I thought this was super festival like. You can order my kimono HERE. Shop my jeans shorts HERE. One day before I found these cool studded sandals in Santa Monica. You can find them HERE . The Top is Vegan leather and you can shop it HERE.

For guys I find it a bit difficult dressing stylish for Coachella. I think my boyfriend was right wearing some Calvin Klein jeans shorts and a jeans shirt from One Tea Spoon (order it HERE) 🙂

Outfit: Coachella Day 2

My Day 2 Coachella outfit was actually my favorite one. I got sooo many compliments for it that day 🙂 You can find my dress HERE. Shop my necklace HERE. Order my bag HERE.

Oufit: Coachella Day 3

On day 3 I really wanted to wear something with print. Therefore, I chose THIS dress. Furthermore, I found some matching Boots. Order them HERE. I also loved wearing the jeans jacket of the collection of my friend Leslie Huhn. You can shop it soon in her online Shop. Btw you can find my black watch which I simply love HERE.

Which Coachella outfit was your favorite btw? Day 1, Day 2 oder Day 3?



P.s: Find below some more Festival Inspirations. Maybe there is something for yourself 🙂


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