Time Out in the Mountains – Andreus Golflodge in South Tyrol

Time Out in the Mountains – Andreus Golflodge in South Tyrol

Hi lovelies,

those who have been following me for a while might have recognized that even though I love the sea I also really enjoy spending time in the mountains. Mountains do have something magical! Therefore, I was super happy that I got to spend three days in South Tyrol last week 🙂

We stayed at the new Andreus Golflodge. The hotel is only one year old and super luxurious! It’s a family owned hotel. Directly after entering your recognize the warm and welcoming atmosphere! The Design of Andreus Golflodge  is beautiful and in contrast to many other Alpine hotels it is much more luxurious and modern without giving up on coziness!

We were so lucky that we got to stay in the most beautiful hotel room of Andreus Golflodge: The Infinity Chalet. I’ve never seen such a stunning mountain suite before! We had our own jacuzzi, sauna and even our own infinity pool 😀 Furthermore, our suite had two bedrooms, several bathrooms and a real cozy livingroom as well as a huge patio. It would have been impossible not to feel like home here 😀

But don’t worry if you cannot afford the chalet! The main pool of Andreus Golflodge is incredible as well! It’s adjacent to a nice relaxation room as well as a huge outside area where you can swim all year long. I especially loved that the water at the pool was super warm. Hence, even when temperatures are a bit more chilly you can still swim outside 🙂

Also food wise we were super happy at Andreus Golflodge. I need to admit that usually the food in the mountains is not my favorite as it is often super rich and contains a lot of meat. However, the food at Andreus Golflodge was amazing! There is a huge selection of various different meals including several healthy options. Thus, I had enough choices for every meal. In the morning I especially loved the different fresh fruit and juice options, for lunch I always enjoyed the salads and cakes they had and for dinner we really indulged into the various courses! Here is also a secret tip of mine: Book the Chef’s Table for one dinner. It’s directly in the kitchen so you can experience live how several courses are made for you. To us it was really an incredible experience as it was super fun looking behind the scenes of a five star hotels. By the way you really need to order the “Wiener Schnitzel” and “Kaiserschmarrn” because it was one of the best we’ve ever had 😀

Another secret tip of mine is to book a Lomi Lomi Massage at the Spa. It’s a Hawaiian massage. Being a huge Hawaii fan I not only loved the technique of the masseuse but I also enjoyed listening to Hawaiian music throughout the entire massage. Definitely don’t miss out on it 🙂

The entire staff at Andreus Golflodge was simply amazing! The Service was definitely one of the best we’ve ever had. Thus, after our stay we were quite sad that we had to leave. But I will be back in summer. I will bring my parents with me next time and I’m already super excited for it and cannot wait! Therfore, I can fully recommend Andreus Golflodge! Both my boyfriend and I really fell in love with this stunning hotel 🙂

My Secret Tips for Andreus Golflodge:

1) Book one dinner at the Chef’s Table

2) Do a Lomo Lomi Massage at the spa

3) Order a “Wiener Schnitzel” and “Kaiserschmarrn”




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