Little trick for your Home & Health

Little trick for your Home & Health

Hi lovelies,

in one of my recent blog posts I revealed that my boyfriend and I moved to a new country (read about which one it is here). Since I’ve always been a city person but I’m also a health enthusiast I often thought about how the air at our home can be improved. If you live on the countryside or right by the sea you may not know this problem. But if you live in the city or like us in a place where there is a lot of construction work going on the air is definitely not the best and it may affect your health or wellbeing.

Therefore, I’m very happy that I discovered an amazing solution to improve the air at our home which ultimately also affects our health: The Air Purifier by Honeywell. Check it out HERE 🙂 It cleans the air at your home so you can breathe or sleep better. It’s also an amazing solution if you suffer from allergens because thanks to its True HEPA technology it literally clears around 99.97% (!!!) of allergens (due to pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, bacteria etc.) which subsist in our homes. Isn’t that crazy?! 😀

Since I’ve been using the Honeywell Air Purifier I feel that I can also sleep better and simply feel better. And the great thing also is that the design is really nice so it also fits great to your home and simply looks nice! The air purifier we have been using at our home is the Honeywell HPA710. It’s very easy to use and works wonders! Some of the amazing features are its air quality sensor, the option for several settings and the timer function. In my opinion the timer function is the most useful feature because you for instance don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn it off 😉

So especially if the air quality of your home is bad, if you have pets at home or if you may even suffer from asthma or allergens I can really recommend you to get an air purifier! The one we use by Honeywell is amazing 🙂



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