How many Flights did you have in 2017?

How many Flights did you have in 2017?

Hi lovelies,

first of all I wanna wish you a Happy New Year! I really hope that all of your dreams will come true this year 🙂 Thank you so much for being such amazing readers! I’m already looking forward to sharing 2018 with you 🙂

The year 2017 was a very impressive year for me and also the year where I could tick off many destinations from my bucket list (such as Bora Bora or Positano). Last year my blog post where I revealed how many flights I had in 2016 (you can read it here) was so popular that I of course wanted to pusblish a similar one for 2017. Do you believe I was able to top the amount of flights from the year before? 😉

My Flights in 2017


1) Dubai – Malé: Emirates Airline Business Class

2) Malé – Jumeirah Dhevanafushi: Maldivian Air Taxi

3) Jumeirah Dhevanafushi – Malé: Maldivian Air Taxi

4) Malé – Six Senses Laamu: Maldivian Air Taxi

5) Six Senses Laamu – Malé: Maldivian Air Taxi

6) Malé – Dubai: Emirates Airline

7) Dubai – Frankfurt: Emirates Airline


8) Frankfurt – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines Business Class

9) Istanbul – Kuala Lumpur: Turkish Airlines Business Class (hier könnt ihr meinen Airline Review lesen)

10) Kuala Lampur – Langkawi: Malondo Air

11) Langkawi – Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Airlines

12) Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok: Thai Airways

13) Bangkok – Koh Samui: Thai Airways

14) Koh Samui – Phuket: Bangkok Airways

15) Krabi – Bangkok: Thai Airways

16) Bangkok – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines Business Class

17) Istanbul – Frankfurt: Turkish Airlines Business Class

18) Frankfurt – Miami: Lufthansa Business Class

19) Miami – Munich: Lufthansa Business Class


20) Zurich – Dubai: Emirates Airline

21) Dubai – Cebu: Emirates Airline

22) Cebu – El Nido: Air Swift

23) El Nido – Manila: Air Swift

24) Manila – Kuala Lumpur: Air Asia

25) Kuala Lumpur – Malé: Air Asia


26) Malé – Niyama Private Island: Maldivian Air Taxi

27) St. Regis Vommuli Resort – Malé: Maldivian Air Taxi

28) Malé – Frankfurt: Condor Premium Economy Class

29) Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways Business Class

30) Abu Dhabi – Malé: Etihad Airways Business Class

31) Malé – Bangkok: Bangkok Airways Business Class

32) Bangkok – Koh Samui: Bangkok Airways Business Class

33) Koh Samui – Bangkok: Bangkok Airways

34) Bangkok – Mae Sot: Air Nok

35) Mae Sot – Bangkok: Air Nok 

36) Bangkok – Dubai: Thai Airways Business Class

37) Dubai – Cairo: Egypt Air Business Class

38) Cairo – Athens: Egypt Air Business Class

39) Athens – Crete: Aegean Airlines


40) Crete – Athens: Aegean Airlines

41) Athens – Frankfurt: Aegean Airlines 

42) Frankfurt – Amsterdam: KLM

43) Amsterdam – Lima: KLM Business Class

44) Lima – Jaén: LATAM

45) Jaén – Lima: LATAM

46) Lima – Los Angeles: LATAM

47) Los Angeles – Honolulu: Delta Airlines First Class

48) Honolulu – Lanai: Hawaiian Airlines

49) Lanai – Honolulu: Hawaiian Airlines

50) Honolulu – Kauai: Hawaiian Airlines

51) Kauai – Honolulu: Hawaiian Airlines

52) Honolulu – Tahiti: Hawaiian Airlines

53) Tahiti – Moorea: Air Tahiti

54) Tahiti – Raiatea: Air Tahiti

55) Raiatea – Bora Bora: Air Tahiti


56) Bora Bora – Tahiti: Air Tahiti

57) Tahiti – Los Angeles: Air Tahiti Nui

58) Los Angeles – Paris: Air Tahiti Nui

59) Le Havre – Hamburg: Lufthansa

60) Hamburg – Munich: Lufthansa

61) Munich – Frankfurt: Lufthansa

62) Frankfurt – Malta: Lufthansa

63) Malta – Munich: Air Niki

64) Frankfurt – Amsterdam: KLM

65) Amsterdam – Singapore: KLM

66) Singapore – Bali: KLM

67) Bali – Singapore: KLM Business Class

68) Singapore – Amsterdam: KLM Business Class

69) Amsterdam – Frankfurt: Lufthansa

70) Frankfurt – Malta: Lufthansa 


71) Malta – Frankfurt: Condor

72) Frankfurt – Malta: Condor

73) Malta – Zurich: Air Malta

74) Zurich – Athens: Aegean Airlines

75) Athens – Santorini: Olympic Air

76) Santorini – Athens: Aegean Airlines

77) Athens – Zakynthos: Olympic Air

78) Zakynthos – Athens: Sky Express

79) Athens – Santorini: Sky Express

80) Santorini – Munich: Condor


81) Munich – Malta: Air Malta

82) Malta – Amsterdam: KLM

83) Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro: KLM

84) Rio de Janeiro – Paris: Air France

85) Paris – Malta: Air Malta

86) Malta – Frankfurt: Condor


87) Frankfurt – Reijkavik: Wow Air

88) Reijkavik – Los Angeles: Wow Air

89) Las Vegas – Munich: Condor

90) Munich – Mykonos: Volootea

91) Mykonos – Athens: RyanAir

92) Athens – Munich: Air China

93) Munich – Milano: Meridiana

94) Milano – Naples: RyanAir


95) Naples – Hamburg: Eurowings

96) Hamburg – Munich: Lufthansa

97) Munich – Malta: Lufthansa

98) Malta – Munich: Air Malta

99) Munich – Malta: Air Malta

100) Malta – Munich: Air Malta

101) Munich – Malta: Air Berlin

102) Malta – Instanbul: Turkish Airlines Business Class

103) Istanbul – Malé: Turkish Airlines


104) Malé – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines

105) Istanbul – Malta: Turkish Airlines Business Class

106) Malta – Frankfurt: Air Malta

107) Frankfurt – New York: Lufthansa

108) New York – Fort Myers: United Airlines

109) Fort Myers – New York: United Airlines

110) New York – Frankfurt: Lufthansa

111) Frankfurt – Marrakech: Condor

112) Marrakech – Paris: Transavia

113) Paris – Malta: Air Malta


114) Malta – Istanbul: Turkish Airlines Business Class

115) Istanbul – Atlanta: Turkish Airlines

116) Atlanta – Exumas: Delta Airlines

117) Exumas – Miami: American Airlines

118) Miami – Antigua: American Airlines

119) Miami – Frankfurt: Lufthansa

120) Frankfurt – Malta: Lufthansa

So this year I had 120 flights. That is kinda a crazy amount and I can hardly believe I really flew that much last year 😀 However, next year my boyfriend and I plan on traveling less than that. Even though we really enjoy traveling and it’s also our job, being away that much can also be quite exhausting. Thus, we will try to cut back a bit and focus more on some (professional and personal) projects 🙂

Since half a year we’ve been living in Malta which is such a pretty place especially in spring, summer and fall time (you can read my blog post about moving to Malta here). Even though we are super thankful for all the possibilities to explore the world we will definitely try to spend more time at home (with our friends and families) this year 🙂

Which one of mine or our pics from 2017 did you like best btw? 🙂

Wishing you an amazing year 2018!



  • Savvas
    Posted at 20:44h, 02 January Reply

    You should really really land to Cyprus dear!! Love to you and have an exciting , NEW 2018 !!!

  • Miia
    Posted at 04:03h, 03 January Reply

    Hey Madeleine! 🙂 Your blog is cool n all, but for me the popularity of this kind of posts is a bit schocking. What about the environmental angle of flying? I remember when I was like 19 and flying to places was cool and something to brag about, but in 2018 it shouldn’t be, considering the given information about the harms of this kind of lifestyle and the current state of our globe.

    I also love travelling and am curious about getting to know new places, but I do it with the understanding of the consequences of my actions, and therefore go only a couple of times a year. I’ve been an expat since six years so I as well understand that going to visit family also requires flying.

    As a blogger you may surely have some work related flying, but as a popular blogger you should also consider, what is it that you’re trending and what kind of lifestyle you want to make yonger girls to get influenced by.

    Take it as a constructive criticism, was not meant in a mean way! Use the power of your blog for good 😉

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach
      Posted at 21:02h, 05 January Reply

      Hi dear!
      First of all I’m not bragging about it!! Why would you even think so?!
      As I wrote very clearly this much flying is very stressful and not much fun at all. And of course I also think of the enviroment!! But my boyfriend and I NEVER travel just for pleasure anymore. We either fly to visit our families (since we live on an island there is no other way from Malta to get to Germany besides flying) or we fly to work. Both of us live from travel blogging so if we stopped flying we didn’t have a job anymore! And I think by doing our work we make a lot of people happy 😉
      I hope you get my point 🙂

  • Kseniia
    Posted at 05:17h, 03 January Reply

    I had 0 flights in 2017 ????

  • @waitingforella
    Posted at 23:14h, 08 January Reply

    You should come and visit Norway!! ????????

  • Jasiu
    Posted at 12:40h, 13 January Reply

    Keep going ! harder better faster stronger ! You should open an account in flight-radar ( and keep track of all these flights cause , if you travel too much , soon you will forget

  • Jasiu
    Posted at 12:51h, 13 January Reply

    and i also forgot , as you love to report some of your trips !

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