MSC Seaside Maiden Voyage to the Caribbean

MSC Seaside Maiden Voyage to the Caribbean

Have you ever done a cruise? It was already my second time. My first cruise took off from Miami and went to the Bahamas but that was many years ago… long before I was a travel blogger. Despite the fact that we had an inside cabin back then I really enjoyed it. Now, I was suprised even more positively by doing a cruise with the new MSC Seaside which was also its maiden voyage. My boyfriend and I joined it for its last three stops together with some other influencers (here you can see who was on board as well). Half a year ago we were already able to experience the naming ceremony of the MSC Meraviglia (read about it here) but the one of MSC Seaside was even more magical! I will tell you more about it later 😉

Our first cruise stop was Antigua. I would have loved to stay here a bit longer because Antigua & Barbuda already looked super stunning from above!

Our second cruise stop was Puerto Rico. Especially in the evening the city looked so stunning when you could see all the lights from the ship! Unfortunately Puerto Rico got hit quite hard by Hurricane Irma which you couldn’t recognize in San Juan though. For sure, Puerto Rico was worth making a stop 🙂

Our last harbour was Miami where the naming cerremony of MSC Seaside also took place. Miami as a stop is really amazing because we for instance got all of our last Christmas shopping done at the close by Dolphin Mall. Furthermore, the art district Wynwood is even closer to the port where you can find some amazing wall paintings (which are also great for pictures btw) 🙂

We had a Balcony Cabin at MSC Seaside. It’s really worth booking a balcony cabin so you can wake up and fall asleep having the most amazing view 🙂 I also thought our cabin was quite big and we also had bathrobes, slippers etc. in our room. We definitely felt like home there 🙂

My favorite part about our cruise was watching the stunning Sunsets every night. I’m sure the sunrises are at least as impressive on a ship but due to jet lag we unfortunately never made it that early 😛 For sure, we really enjoyed the sunsets on board of MSC Seaside 😀

Also the Entertainment Program at MSC Seaside is huge! For instance, you can watch different Shows every night. Furthermore, on the ship there is a nice Bowling Alley, a great 3D Cinema, a cool Formula 1 Simulator, Zip Lining and a great Pool Landscape where guests of all ages can have tons of fun. My entertainment highlight was the 3D Cinema which is simply the best if you do it together with a nice group!

For kids of all ages there is also a great Child Care on board. Because MSC cooperates with LEGO childhood dreams come true there. I would have actually loved to be a kid at the MSC Seaside Kids Club myself 😀

One of my favorite places on the ship was the Gym. The equipment there was brand new and super modern. And you can workout along with stunning sea views. I was also very impressed of the Aurea Spa where I got to experience a great Balinese massage.

It’s also very convenient that the Food at MSC Seaside is all inclusive. Even though being a foodie makes you very picky when it comes too food I was definitely not disappointed of the food on board. There are many different restaurants at MSC Seaside so you will also never get bored food wise. My favorite restaurant was Butcher’s Cut where we had an excellent steak. Although I also really liked the buffet at MSC Seaside because there were many healthy food options. For breakfast I for instance always had oatmeal with fresh fruits and whole grain bread. Since especially on sea days you are bound to the food on a cruise ship it is really important that you like the food on board.

Due to the various entertainment possibilities, the great sport- & welness offers and the excellent food you will definitely not get bored at MSC Seaside!

If you are afraid that a cruise might not be luxurious enough for you you are mistaken! We were once able to have a look at the MSC Yacht Club and we were really surprised how much luxury is offered there! The MSC Yacht Club is a separate area on the ship which can only be entered if you have booked a yacht club room. Of course yacht club guests can use all other facilities on the ship as well but the yacht club has the main advantage of having a lot of privacy and that the suites are a bit bigger and more luxurious than the regular ones. I’m already looking forward to when I get to experience the MSC Yacht Club myself 🙂

Of course the Naming Ceremony of the MSC Seaside was also super impressive! Among others we were able to see renowned guests like Ricky Martin, Sofia Loren & Andres Bocello. Especially when Andrea Bocelli started to sing I got goose bumps… Overall it was a truly magical evening and my boyfriend and I are super thankful that we got to experience all this 🙂

I can fully recommend MSC as well as the MSC Seaside! I already enjoyed MSC as a cruise company last time but the MSC Seaside is really the most impressive ship I’ve ever seen! So I hope I will be able to return one day 🙂

Have you ever done a cruise? And if so: How did you like it?



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