My Bahamas Travel Guide

My Bahamas Travel Guide

Hi lovelies,

shortly before Christmas a long time dream of mine turned into reality: I always wanted to swim with the swimming pigs in the Bahamas and I’m super excited that this dream finally came true πŸ™‚

Today I wanna tell you a bit more about it and also give you some Travel Tips for the Bahamas:

– How to get there –

There is only one airline which flies directly from Germany to the Bahamas: Condor. Alternatively you can also fly with other airlines with a short stopover. We flew with Turkish Airlines from Malta via Istanbul to Atlanta. We stayed in Atlanta one night and then flew the next morning with American Airlines to Georgetown, Exumas. I can recommend both airlines. What was really fascinating was that there was heavy snow fall in Atlanta and after only a 2 hour flight we arrived in paradise. From Miami it’s only a one hour flight to Exumas so you can also fly there via Miami. The connection depends on which island you’re staying at. But there are several airlines which fly to Bahamas.

– What Island to pick –

The anwer to this question also depends on which Bahamas island you wanna stay. For us it was most important to visit the swimming pigs so we chose Exumas as that’s where the pig island is located. Many years ago I was with a cruise in the Bahamas where we stayed in Nassau. I also liked it there, especially Paradise Beach. Pink Sands Beach is also really famous among travelers which is located on another island. Thus, think about beforehand what you wanna see in the Bahamas. Maybe it is even worth it visiting several islands during your trip πŸ™‚ I can definitely recommend making a stop in Exumas!

– Where to stay –

Also this depends on which Bahamas island you wanna stay. On Exumas I can recommendΒ Sandals Emerald Bay to you guys. The hotel has a very central location right on a beautiful beach. Many rooms thus offer stunning sea views. It’s also an adult only and all inclusive resort which means that food and drinks (even alcoholic ones) are completely free. This is really convenient as even room service (and I LOVE room service) is included. We had a sea view room so it was amazing waking up with such a stunning view every morning! And during Christmas time the hotel is decorated very nicely which I would have not expected in the Caribbean πŸ˜€

– What to do –

There are endless things to do in the Bahamas. A real must is visiting the swimming pigs. This tour is also offered if you are staying in Nassau. However, if you are staying on Exumas you won’t need to fly with the water airplane to Exumas first. It’s a bit easier if you are already staying on Exumas because then you just need to take a boat there. Put pay attention: There are several pig islands!! Definitely book a tour that brings you to the “original pig island”. There is a also a pig island close to the hotel but the pigs there are not very cute and there are also not many of them present. I can thus recommend you to book a full day excursion which will not only bring you to the original pig island but also to many other cool attractions such as the sharks in Staniel Cay. But please be respectful to the piggies! That’s the most important thing πŸ™‚

– Secret Tip –

Leave your drone at home! We were super lucky that they didn’t see our drone upon arrival at the airport in Exumas. But if they do you will probably need to pay a high fee (in cash) either for storing or an even bigger one if you wanna use your drone in the Bahamas. Thus, if it’s not super necessary better leave your drone at home!

We definitely enjoyed our stay at Bahamas! Unfortunately we were not so lucky with the weather there and it rained a lot during the first days or it was cloudy. On the two days where the weather was good the Bahams were simply amazing though! Thus, definitely have a look at climate tables before you book your Bahamas vacation πŸ˜‰

Btw I can already reveal that RTL (German Television) came with me to Bahamas and also visited us in Malta. The show will be soon on TV. I will tell you when exactly in a separate blog post πŸ˜‰

Have you ever been to Bahamas? Or would you like to spend your vacation here?




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