My new Travel Plans

My new Travel Plans

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” That’s exactly how I’ve experiences it many times and now again. A few weeks ago I published a blog post where I talked about my next destinations. You can read it here.

Unfortunately since publishing the blog post many things have happened so we completely had to reschedule some of our trips. Our next destinations were supposed to be St. Martin and St. Barth where we had plans to stay with good friends of ours in nice villas. Unfortunately both islands were hit so hard by the hurricane that we had to postpone this trip 🙁

Directly afterwards we were supposed to fly to Miami. We now rescheduled this to February when the hurricance season will hopefully be completely over. Hence, we will spend Valentine’s Day this year in Miami which isn’t so bad either 😉

We were supposed to fly directly from Miami to Bahamas. When we had to cancel our Caribbean trip we were most sad about not getting to swim with the little piglets in the Bahamas 🙁 Honestly I was even a bit worried whether they still existed. Luckily this is the case because the Bahamas have not been hit that hard. Therefore, we decided to instead fly to Bahamas in December when the hurricane season is over. We will spend one week in Exumas… very close to the swimming pigs 😀 So this is even better!

Otherwise we thought about what we could do in October instead of our initially planned big Caribbean trip. Because the past weeks have been quite stressful we wanted to visit a relaxing place. And which would be more suited than the Maldives? 😀 We are aware that the current weather in the Maldives isn’t as stable as in winter but we definitely wanted to give it a try. Hence, we will fly already this evening to the Maldives. We are very much looking forward to some (more or less) relaxing days 🙂

After Maldives we will make a quick stop at our new home Malta. For those who haven’t heard it yet: Yes, my boyfriend and I moved to Malta 🙂 You can read about it here.

Afterwards we have a job in Naples, Florida. We are going to make an image video for the region Naples and spend a week there. We are super excited for it 🙂

From Naples, Florida we will fly directly to Marocco moreover to Marrakech. This was quite a spontaneous decision. I’ve never been the biggest fan of visiting Marrakech because it is super popular among bloggers and it almost feels like every blogger has been there 😛 However, this must be for a reason and since my goal is to visit every single country in the world of course Marocco is on my list as well 🙂 So I’m curious to find out whether it is as beautiful as in its pictures 😀

Unfortunately we had to cancel Iceland as a destination for this year because we received some important job offers 🙁 But Iceland is definitely our our list for next year!

One of the job offers was for Cyprus where I always wanted to go. Thus, it would be awesome if Cyprus would work out already this year. Has anyone of you ever been there? And if so: How were your impressions?

Otherwise after Marocco we will fly to Bahamas. Pigs here we come 😀 A camera team from the German television station RTL will come along. They just visited us in Malta yesterday and they will also come with us to Bahamas. Sooo cool!

For our last trip this year we have a job in the Caribbean where we will be on the maiden trip of a new cruise ship. We will fly to there directly from the Bahamas. The cruise will start in Antigua and end in Miami. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great experience!

After this I will celebrate Christmas with my family in Frankfurt. I would never skip Christmas with my family for anything!

Our plans for NYE this year are to celebrate it with friends at home in Malta. Last year we got invited to the coolest party in Dubai which is really hard to beat. Because we’ve been traveling so much this year, we decided staying at home would be the perfect plan 😀

Of course we already have some really cool plans for next year as well but I will talk about that in another blog post 😉

Do you already have some upcoming travel plans?



  • Olga Walker
    Posted at 15:43h, 27 October Reply

    I love you and your blog !!!!! Thank you for amazing pictures !

  • Zhanna
    Posted at 05:17h, 29 October Reply

    It only left to wonder how you guys can do all these … Very impressive, really! 🙂
    I hope no more major changes in
    your plans for this year

  • Serkan Bakıcı
    Posted at 12:28h, 01 November Reply

    Dear Madeleine
    You asked about Cyprus
    You can pass to Turkish Parth via İstanbul by Plane.
    There are magnificient hotels like Merit Royal and Hilton there.
    Perfect Sea, Golden Sand Beaches, Delicous Food and Saint’s Church.
    There are Germany Tourists in Northern Cyprus as well.
    I hope I helped.
    Best Regards,

  • Alyssa
    Posted at 05:24h, 02 November Reply

    I look up to your blog and Instagram so much! I love that you stay classy and true to yourself. It’s refreshing to see successful bloggers who don’t have to be overly sexual (not that there is anything wrong with sexuality) lol it’s just nice to see! I can tell you are a hardworking and very loving person. Thanks for being motivating and sharing your life and adventures. Hopefully I’ll be able to start embarking on my own journeys and dream career as well.

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