Moving to a new Country

Moving to a new Country

Hi lovelies,

I have news for you guys: A few months ago I moved in with my boyfriend and I don’t live in Munich anylonger. The reason why I haven’t told you earlier is that we first wanted to make sure we really like it here. I’ve not only moved in with my boyfriend but we also “emigrated”. I will explain the reasons behind this decision and where we live now in this blog post:

First of all I need to mention that it was clearly no change for me to move in with my boyfriend. For some people renting an apartment with your partner is a big step. For us it really wasn’t! Due to traveling together constantly we’ve literally spent 24 hours together the past year. We work together, we travel together and now we also live together. Not much has changed though. The only thing which is different now is that I realized that my boyfriend is also an amazing roommate! For instance we haven’t argued once about who washes the dishes, who carries down the garbage, who buys groceries etc. Not all men are this “suitable for daily use” 😛 So I’m very happy having found one of these kinds 😀

When we met one year ago my boyfriend lived in Frankfurt and I lived in Munich. We knew since the beginning that we didn’t want to have a long distance relationship (we would have just suffered too much of it) so moving in together was obvious. We first thought about renting an apartment in Frankfurt because both of our families live there. Then we figured that if we are in Germany we are usually staying with our families anyways. So why should we pay for an apartment in Frankfurt which we wouldn’t use?

Exactly during that time we had a job in the Maldives where met this wonderful blogger couple. They’ve been living for a few years now exactly in that place where we live now. They’ve told us so many good things about their residence that a few weeks later we visited them and immediately fell in love with this beautiful island. Already during our second visit we looked for apartments and decided quite spontaneously to move to:


Some of you may have been here. I haven’t heard so much about it before so I was really surprised how beautiful and paradise like a place can be which is so close to Germany. There are many direct flights to Malta and you can reach the island in only a bit more than 2 hours. You can often find return flights to Malta for below 100€ so also flight wise Malta is a great location.

Furthermore, the weather here is just perfect! Even now in October it is still very warm and sunny and during the day can mostly leave the house without a jacket.

Malta also has lots of stunning places such as Valletta or the Blue Lagoon. A separate blog post will follow with many Travel Tips for Malta 🙂

Also finding an apartment in Malta was much easier than in Germany. I was used to Munich which is a catastrophe in that relation 😛 Here, it only took us a few days to find a dream apartment with seaview, perfect location, modern interior etc. And we pay the same price like I pay for my apartment in Munich (which is only half the size) 😛 By the way I still have my apartment in Munich as my brother currently lives there. He is doing an internship in Munich. For sure Malta (not only when it comes to rent) is much cheaper though. Groceries, going out to eat, partying, taxi rides etc… almost everything costs less than in Germany. Furthermore, we didn’t need to learn another language because everyone speaks English here 🙂

For sure we haven’t regretted one second moving to Malta! In the pasth months Malta has become our dream residence. Because traveling is our job we really feel like being on vacation now when we’re home 😀

We love most the weather here in Malta and the amazing atmosphere which you can feel on the entire island. For those who’ve visited Malta you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

Do you want me to film a Room Tour on YouTube for you guys? 🙂 Btw our Santorini-Video just came online. Definitely have look at it 😉

Would you have guessed that we live in Malta now? And have you ever been here and if so: How did you like it here?






  • @waitingforella18 October 2017

    I was in Malta this summer! And I really liked it! We went to the fishing village Marsaxlokk and also saw alot with the hop on hop off bus there .. Went shopping on the Point and in the old city center. Beautiful place! A bit like going back in times / Games of thrones! Cant wait to hear more!!

  • flamingoaround18 October 2017

    I looks wonderful Madeleine!!! I’ve never been but your pictures just made me wanna go right now! Good luck with this new beginning and all the best to you both!!!

  • Kelsi18 October 2017

    How much is your apartment ? If you don’t mind ?

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach18 October 2017

      We pay 1200€ per month for a two bedroom seaview penthouse apartment ❤️

      • Alexia01 April 2018

        Can I ask where/how you found this apartment? I was looking at the exact same area and style apartment but could only find double the price/mo of what you say here. Would be super awesome to know where to look, your place looks amazing!

        Kindest regards, Alexia

  • Dalia18 October 2017

    Never been there, but I follow you on IG and your pictures are amazing! I wish you both the best in this new chapter of your lives. ❤😍❤💄💋

  • Elli18 October 2017

    I was wondering the whole time why you’re that often in Malta – sometimes for a few days. Now I know 😀 I was living there three months (just next to the church on your photo) and I miss it so much. Enjoy it 😍

  • Carmine19 October 2017

    Hi Madeleine, nice to hear you enjoy Malta. I’ve been there the last year. I really enjoyed as well and considered to move there too. 1200£ for a double bedroom is surely less expensive than the European biggest cities, but not really.
    What about the minimum wage for living there in your opinion?
    Also, do you know anybody working in the architecture field? 😊
    Many thanks for tour advice.
    Kind regards

  • angelagiakas20 October 2017

    How beautiful! I went to Malta for a week during summer but everything was closed due to St Augustine’s celebrations, so feel like we really missed out! I would love to go back to get a better feel of the place. Your photos are beautiful x

  • abdelrahman20 October 2017

    i like santorini the villas views Great marvillas i wish go santorini greece soon and malta also nice i wish got a nice and beuitful girlfriend like U and go with her trips U have beuitful mind and when i see U R pic s really it makes me forgt stress and life problems wish all the best days and best memories for U and for U R boyfriend ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 from jordon

  • Michelle21 October 2017

    Can you please do a blog post on the places you went to in Santorini? I’ve never been there and I’m planning to go soon!! Love your travel vids 💕

  • Roxana22 October 2017

    Looks lovely 😊. In which city are you leaving in Malta? I have visited Saint Julians in July and it was great.

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach22 October 2017

      Thx love ❤️ We live in St. Julian’s…hi hi. It’s my favorite city in Malta and we found a really nice apartment there 🙂

  • Yasmim Monteiro22 October 2017

    I lived in Malta for 6 months in 2011. I was there to study English. I had the time of my life there and I miss this place so much!

  • Sabi22 October 2017

    I’ve been to Malta twice now and I am completely in love with the island. The history is interesting and the weather is amazing

  • Adrian22 October 2017

    Hello pilotmadeleine 😀

    Welcome to the hitten gem of the Mediterranean!

    I’m maltese, born and raised here all my life. Nice to hear you’re enjoying the Maltese lifestyle and climate. We maltese don’t really appreciate how blessed we are until we have to spend time living elsewhere. You will hear lots of locals complaining (they’re mostly right to do so) about everything. Being a pilot I assume you’ve found a job – I’m glad for you 😀 competition is tough for such jobs. I’m a recently qualified pilot but still struggling to land my first cockpit job. All the best 🙂 pilotadrian 🛫

  • Silkribbons1523 October 2017

    So exciting for you both and love following your adventures on Instagram! I’m really interested to learn more about the “emigration” process of your move…sometimes that can be difficult. Are there a lot of Americans or mostly Europeans in the ex-pat community?

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach23 October 2017

      Thank you sweety ❤️
      If you are an expat who earns their money in the internet and have a EU passport it is super easy to move to Malta 🙂
      And yes, there are quite a lot of expats here and life is very good in Malta!

  • Nele Aissen23 October 2017

    I’m absolutely in love with this island🇲🇹😍
    I spent the last three summers on malta and I can’t wait to enjoy the maltese lifestyle again🌴I know every corner maltas and still can’t wait to see more of my love🇲🇹You can be lucky to live on this wonderful country😘😍

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach23 October 2017

      Me too 😍 Ohhh… how nice! It’s so funny that I’ve never been here before actually thinking about moving to Malta 😀 Hahaha! And yes, I am very thankful that we were able to move to this beautiful place 🙂

  • Gaetano Giuliano23 October 2017

    Malta is the biggest scam ever! Traffic, dust, ugly jungle of buildings with no trees, endless construction, rip off in every way possible, corrupt etc. I can give you more experiences about that hell. There are a lot of better places which give more value for money in the Mediterranean.

  • Fiona30 October 2017

    Malta is amazing. Only to bad the azure window on Gozo was destroyed this year 🙁

  • Aart20 November 2017

    We have been to Malta and were at Sliema. Nice city and travelled around by bus. Friendly people and lots of history to see on the island

  • pernillabredolt01 December 2017

    Sounds like a wise pick of location to reallocate to! I cannot stand the Swedish cold and darkness anymore.

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach04 December 2017

      It’s not much better in Germany at the moment 🙁 The weather was probably the main reason we moved to Malta. It’s still so nice now in December 🙂

  • Jen25 December 2017

    This looks amazing! Can you do a home tour of your new apartment in Malta? And it would also be so interesting to know what moving and living there is like! 🙂

  • Alexia01 April 2018

    Not sure if my comment got posted, but I was wondering how/where you found your apartment? I was looking for the exact same style in the exact same area where you live but could only find places like that for 2500-3000 eur/mo. Your apartment looks lovely! Would be absolutely grateful if you’d share your tips 🙂

    • Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach02 April 2018

      Through Remax 🙂 But we were super lucky with our apartment because usually it is much more expensive for the location and seaview that we have 🙂

  • Veronika15 May 2018

    Hello, so that is what you do for living? you travel? that is a life goal <3

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