Wedding Season in 2017

Wedding Season in 2017

Hi lovelies,

please excuse that I haven’t blogged for quite some time. My boyfriend and I have been traveling constantly the past month and have been working really hard on producing some amazing content for you guys 🙂 Among others there’s an awesome Santorini video coming up as well as a dreamy video about Positano… so stay tuned 😉

But now something which has influenced our travel plans this year to quite a high extent: We had three Weddings of good friends of us this year. Today I wanna tell you a bit more about them. I’ve also linked my entire Outfits for you guys because I’ve been asked quite often about them. Please write in the end in the comments which one was your favorite!! Because that is very interesting for me to know 🙂

Wedding #1 – Hawaii

Our first wedding this year was in Hawaii. Thus, we made a great Hawaii trip out of it and visited several Hawaiian islands. Nathan who’s been a long-term good friend of mine married the pretty Brazilian girl Michelle. The wedding took place in Kanehoe on Oahu in front of the most stunning scenery. My dream has always been to get married in Hawii (which of course won’t happen because it’s simply too far away from my family and friends in Germany) thus this wedding made me dream 😀

I personally loved not only the location but also the entire decoration of the wedding. The motto of Nathan’s and Michelle’s wedding was “sunflowers” and floral motives. It was explicitly mentioned in the invite for the gentlemen to wear Hawaii shirts instead of suits 😀 Therefore, the first thing we did when we arrived in Hawaii was to get my boyfriend a nice Hawaii shirt. And I need to say I really loved this dress code 😉

I found my dress HERE. It really fitted very well to this wedding but I can also wear it again as a summer dress 🙂 You can order it directly here. Buy my sandals here 🙂

Wedding #2 – Maren & Tobi

The second wedding we attended this year was the one from Maren & Tobi. Because both are the absolute dream couple to me I was especially excited for this one. They’ve visited me several times in Munich for Oktoberfest so I couldn’t wait to celebrate their special day with them.

Maren and Tobi’s wedding took place in Germany in a stunning location. I especially loved their decoration which was very romantic and dreamy. Furthermore, Maren’s wedding dress was a dream!

My dress at Maren and Tobi’s wedding was in pastel colors which was Maren’s wish. I didn’t expect though that it would fit to the decoration so well in the end 😀 Order my dress directly HERE 🙂 You can find my sandals HERE 🙂

Wedding #3 – Mykonos

Our last wedding this year took place just one week ago in Mykonos. Because I’m a big Greece fan the location was simply perfect to me. The dress code was “black tie optional” so we really tried to wear something fancy 😉

The wedding took place in the hotel “Santa Marina” which location wise could not have been any better. Jannis (who has been a good and long-term friend of mine) married the beautiful Vanessa. Because Jannis is half Greek this location was the perfect match. I really loved the decoration which was really glamorous and luxurious. For sure, this wedding was an absolute dream wedding!

Order my dress HERE. I also wore this stunning watch which you can order HERE. Buy my rings HERE. Find my Sandals HERE . Enjoy shopping 🙂

Btw this is how I wanna get married one day 😉

Find even more Inspirations for Wedding Outfits here 🙂 Have fun shopping!

Which one of my three wedding outfits did you like best?




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