My Top 10 Travel Tips for Rio de Janeiro

My Top 10 Travel Tips for Rio de Janeiro

Hi lovelies,

I’ve just returned from amazing Rio de Janeiro. Inititally I was planning for this blogpost to be really long but unfortunately the weather wasn’t really cooperating and we only had a few days in Rio with nice weather when we could explore the city 🙁 Nevertheless, I don’t wanna keep from you guys what we did during that time. Here are my Top 10 Travel Tips for Rio de Janeiro (I’m sure this blog post will be updated soon):

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1) Visit Rio in Summer

At the moment there is winter in Rio de Janeiro. Honestly, I didn’t do my research beforehand to find out what is the best time for Rio. After having visited Rio both in summer and in winter I can definitely recommed you to go there in summer (meaning during our German winter). Unfortunately in winter it rains quite a lot in Rio and it is also not very warm. Many Brazilians told us that summer in Rio is simply amazing! My dream is to visit Rio during carnival season which is also during their summer time with mostly amazing weather 🙂

2) Go for a Run at Ipanema Beach

My favorite beach in Rio de Janeiro is Ipanema Beach. The atmosphere there is simply amazing, it is the best place to meet people and the view is simply breath-taking. Thus, Ipanemena Beach is definitely worth a visit! Directly next to it is a beautiful path which is very suitable for running. Especially in the morning there are not many people present so you can enjoy stunning views while doing your exercises 🙂

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3) Enjoy the View from Dona Marta Viewpoint

One of the most beautiful panoramas you can find in Rio de Janeiro is the one from “Dona Marta” viewpoint. We just took a cab there which is really cheap in Rio. Upon arrival we were able to a enjoy stunning view over Sugarloaf Mountain as well as of Christ the Redeemer which is very close to it.

4) Visit Christ of the Redeemer

This leads us to my next travel tip: Visit Christ of the Redeemer. It’s great to combine visiting Dona Marta and Christ of the Redeemer because they are right next to each other. Christ of the Redeemer is more touristy though but it is definitely the core of Rio. Thus, you shouldn’t miss out on seeing it at least once in your lifetime 🙂

5) Visit Copacabana

Copacabana is most likely the most famous beach in Rio. You can find many Brazilian beach beauties there as well as many tourists. Nevertheless, the atmosphere at Copacabana is amazing so you should definitely walk along the Copacabana. A really nice walk is the walk from Copacabana to Ipanema Beach. You can also find many sand sculptures there like these 😀

6) Watch the Sunrise in Rio

Rio is known for its stunning sunsets but the sunrises in Rio are at least as beautiful! Especially at Copacabana or Ipanema Beach you can find amazing colors in the morning so waking up early is definitely worth it!

7) Try out the Local Cuisine

I need to admit that we had a few issues with the food in Rio. I try not to each so much meat and somehow we felt like every meal in Brazil existed of meat and a lot of fried stuff. Of course this isn’t the case everywhere and we also discovered some great healthy restaurants in Rio. Our favorite one was “Balada Mix” which you can find at several locations in Rio. I can especially recommend you to order the “Chicken Quinoa Salad” there as well as the “Acai Bowls”. You really need to try out the Acai Bowls while you’re in Rio because they are from Brazil and they are simply delicious! Furthermore, acai as a superfruit is known for its super powers such as slow down aging 😀

8) Take the Cable Car up to Sugarloaf Mountain

In Rio de Janeiro there are many stunning view points. A really nice one is the one you can enjoy from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. You can get there by taking a cable car which is in my opinion an absolute must during every Rio visit! Especially amazing is the atmosphere during sunset time up there when Rio shines in stunning colors and you see more and more city lights 🙂

9) Book a good hotel at Copacabana or Ipanema Beach

This time we stayed in four different hotels: Our first one was the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana. The hotel is already a bit older which you can tell by the more traditional interior. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our stay there! The location of Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is simply perfect and the view from the rooftop including a very nice rooftop pool is simply stunning! Here you can book your stay at Hilton Copacabana 🙂

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Another hotel which is very famous but we honestly couldn’t understand so much why is the Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro. This hotel is the by far most expensive hotel in Rio de Janeiro and many famous people have stayed there. On first sight we thought the hotel was quite nice but on second sight we had to realize that the value for money ratio wasn’t good. The rooms (besides the suites) of Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro are really small and the interior is very dark. Furthermore, many rooms don’t have a nice view and through the darkness and small size they are almost a bit “oppressive”. We loved the rooftop pool of Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro as well as the breakfast buffet. But if you look at the high price the hotel is definitely too expensive! We had to realize later that there are quite a few much cheaper hotels in Rio with an at least as nice view. Hence, high price doesn’t ultimately mean high quality 😉 You can have a look at the hotel here.

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Another hotel which has an even better view over the Ipanema mountain is the Praia Ipanema Hotel. We really liked this hotel. We booked the smallest and cheapest room and still had partical sea view. Plus the room was really big and bright. And we only paid for our room at Praia Ipanema Hotel approx. 100€ per night (including breakfast). The selection at breakfast could have been better but for that price it was totally fine 😉 Book your stay at the hotel here.

The hotel which has the best value for money ratio in Rio de Janeiro is in our opinion the PortoBay Rio Internacional which was the last hotel we stayed at. The hotel is directly located at Copacabana, many rooms have direct sea view and the interior is very cozy. Furthermore, the breakfast at PortoBay Rio Internacional was excellent! There was a huge selection of fresh fruit, detox juices, egg dishes etc. Also the rooftop pool with a view over Copacabana is simply amazing as well as the gym which also offers stunning views! If you consider that rooms at the hotel start at 1/5 of the cheapest room at Hotel Fasana PortoBay Rio Internacional is definitely the better choice 🙂 Book your stay at the hotel here.

10) Fly with a good Airline

Being a travel blogger I’m constantly traveling so I always put a high emphasis on the airline I fly with especially when it comes to long-distance flights. Like to Bali we flew again with KLM which has become my favorite Airline in Europe. This time we were so lucky being able to try out Economy Comfort seats. We just booked regular Economy class tickets on the website of KLM and in addition reserved for a small extra amount two Economy Comfort seats. Because my boyfriend is over 1,90m tall to him flying in a regular Economy Class is due to the often small leg space not the most pleasant thing. At KLM we already really enjoyed flying in their Economy Class but paying a bit more for Economy Comfort seats is definitely worth it! This way we had even more leg space and we could also decline our seats even further. Therefore, we slept extremely well on this flight and arrived in Rio with zero jetlag. Hence, we are already looking forward to our next flight with KLM 🙂 Here you can book your flight with KLM. I will soon reveal our next destination 😉

Have you ever been to Rio de Janeiro? And if so: What did you like best there and what should one definitely not miss?


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